Putin Reiterates Logic Behind Ukraine Invasion, Again Says It Won’t be Over Until It Ends

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Why not add actual subtitles, Max?

RT and other English language outlets are totally banned in the West, because the rulers of the West don’t want the people of their countries to understand the logic behind this conflict.

Much of the Western population are such babies, and basically believe that the entire world is like a Marvel Comics movie, that they wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway.

There are people, however, who would not be swayed by the “Russians are just evil and that’s that” narrative if they were allowed to hear the other side.

Even with the censorship, we are seeing normie conservatives begin to slowly back away from this childish narrative.


Kiev openly refused to implement a peace deal with rebels from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics so Russia had no option but to use military force to defend people living there, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated on Tuesday.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and other senior officials “declared that the Minsk agreements cannot be implemented,” Putin recalled, referring to the roadmap to peace in Ukraine brokered by Russia, Germany and France.

The 2014 agreements detailed how Kiev could reintegrate its breakaway regions by offering them a general amnesty, greater autonomy, and representation in the government. Kiev stalled progress on the deal, claiming that it could only proceed with its part after retaking control of the rebel-held areas.

That was while he was shutting down all opposition media and outlawing the use of the Russian language.

Democrats' Orwellian double standard: when Trump (often deservedly) attacks the media, it's outrageous tyranny if not outright fascism. When Zelensky —a Nazi-collaborating Jew—SHUTS DOWN the opponents' media, and imprisons critics, it's a victory for freedom and democracy, and against authoritarianism. Go figure.

So, it was a bit dishonest, to say the least.

Hostilities in eastern Ukraine between government and rebel forces have continued since 2014, when authorities that came to power in Kiev after an armed coup used the military to quash the uprising in the east.

“They publicly refused to [implement the roadmap]. Well, tolerating this genocide that had been going on for eight years was no longer possible,” Putin explained.

The Russian president added that Ukraine, backed by Western countries, was being “turned into a foothold against Russia.”

“They nourished the sprouts of neo-Nazism on purpose. A clash between Russia and those forces was inevitable, they were selecting the right time for an attack,” Putin said.

Russia pre-empted the expected aggression from Kiev by starting its offensive in late February, the Russian leader claimed. He said Moscow will achieve its goals, including the defense of the breakaway republics, which Russia recognized as independent states days before the attack.

The West attempted to retaliate against Moscow with economic sanctions and attempts to isolate it diplomatically and commercially on the international stage. Putin said Russia was too big a country for anyone to really isolate. “We will work with our partners who really want cooperation,” he said.

Yeah, Jake Sullivan and that black guy think China is Iraq and Russia is Libya.

The sheer hubris and incompetence is staggering. The entire American order has become completely disconnected from reality, as they focus on grooming children to become trannies while also imagining they can rule the entire world with heinous threats of brutal violence.

It is important to note that Russia did not start a war in the Ukraine. There has been a war in the Ukraine since the US State Department ran a coup to overthrow the elected government of the Ukraine in 2014, and then started slaughtering people in the east of the country.

There was a signed agreement to stop this slaughter, but the Ukrainian government just completely ignored it.

This is a liberation of a people who were being murdered on a mass scale. Unlike calling a single event a “genocide” – as US leaders are want to do – this was an 8 year campaign to attempt to obliterate a race of people.

Then, of course, there is the much bigger issue of NATO moving into the Ukraine, and Zelensky literally calling for nuclear weapons to be placed inside the country. The slaughter of the people of the Donbass was brutal and unjust, but the NATO movements were an existential threat to the existence of Russia.

Aside from the childlike Marvel Comics narrative, there is zero possibility of framing Russia as the bad guy in this conflict. The West is the aggressor, and that is obvious to anyone who has spent even just a couple hours looking at the background of the conflict.

The American people are stupid enough to believe this gibberish because they are the same people who are stupid enough to allow their children to be turned into trannies by the American government school system.

They’re the same people who thought inflation was a conspiracy theory.

Far too many Americans are decadent and pathetic shadows of human beings, and they deserve everything that is coming to them. 

Glory to Russia.

May their victory over the forces of evil be swift and decisive.

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