Russia’s 1945 Victory Day’s Greatest Documentary (Great Videos Series)/ with subtitles

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TV channel POBEDA

The historic Victory Parade on 24 June 1945. Full version
Исторический Парад Победы 24 июня 1945 года. Полная версия

The parade on June 24, 1945 in Moscow was a triumph of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany. The Victory Parade was hosted by Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov.

Телеканал ПОБЕДА

Historical Victory Parade on June 24, 1945. Full version. The POBEDA TV channel, part of Channel One's Digital TV Family, presents the full version of the 1945 Victory Parade. Together with the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents the editorial team did a unique job. Frame by frame the entire newsreel of the celebratory day of June 24, 1945 - from the early morning hours to the evening fireworks. A lot of new authentic information from archives was added to the programme and the logic and sequence of actions was restored.

All the film footage made during the legendary Parade was found and digitised: they turned out to be about 1,500 meters long! About 72 cameramen worked on the Red Square that day, and only a small part of the footage they had filmed ended up in the now widely known documentary. The rest lay in special storage for years. Now they have been able to reconstruct the whole picture of what was happening on Red Square and around it.

In fact, this is the first full-scale filming of a real event in the history of our country, which only 75 years later everyone can see.

"It's an amazing, magical feeling: it's as if we have invented a time machine and we can all go back together to that rainy day in 1945 to follow everything that was happening in the heart of Moscow. Until now, the world had seen either a 50-minute version, or a short 18-minute colour documentary. We have been able to put together almost three hours, minute by minute. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the real atmosphere that reigned then, to see unedited", says one of the authors of the project, TV presenter, general producer of Channel One. World Wide Web," said Dmitry Borisov.

Thanks to experts and music historians, the soundtracks are exactly those military marches and the music that was actually played on that day. Historical archive footage and music have been carefully restored and manually restored by the "POBEDA" TV channel.

The parade on June 24, 1945 in Moscow was a triumph of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany. The Victory Parade was hosted by Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. Marshal of the Soviet Union Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky commanded the Parade. Colonel General Pavel Artemyev, commander of the Moscow Military District and head of Moscow garrison, was in charge of the entire organization. A huge orchestra of 1,400 people accompanied the movement of troops!

The text is read by legends of Soviet television:
People's Artist of the USSR Igor Leonidovich Kirillov,
People's Artist of the RSFSR Anna Nikolayevna Shatilova,
Merited Artist of the RSFSR Dina Grigorieva.

Director: Daria Khubova

Special thanks from the editorial board of the "POBEDA" TV channel:
Natalia Aleksandrovna Kalantarova and the staff of RGAKFD.

Daria Khubova,
Dmitry Borisov.

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The first Victory Parade took place on the Red Square in Moscow on June 24, 1945. It was the triumph of the victorious people, who liberated not only their lands from invaders, but the whole of Europe.

The participants of the first Victory Parade were front-line soldiers. Usually units come out that march beautifully, and they are ready to march in line, striking everyone with coherence. But in 1945, 10 military regiments of the Red Army and a regiment of the Navy were consolidated and entered the Red Square.

First of all, soldiers and junior commanders of the Red Army from each Front who distinguished themselves in battles with the Nazi invaders were selected. And these consolidated regiments of a thousand and a few people, these were representatives of those who took Berlin

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