Interview with Alexander Khodakovskii, Donbas hero (English subs)

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Khodakovsky, Alexander Sergeevich


Part one of the interview of a hero of the LDNR:

Rumble version:

BitChute version:

Alexander Khodakovsky

Former Security Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic


Alexander Sergeevich Khodakovsky is the commander of the pro-Russian Vostok Battalion formed in early May 2014 during the 2014 insurgency in Donbas. Khodakovsky is a former commander of Ukraine's Alpha special unit of the Security Service of Ukraine. Wikipedia
Born: December 18, 1972 (age 49 years), Donetsk, Ukraine
Full name: Alexander Sergeevich Khodakovsky
Nationality: Ukrainian
Previous office: Security Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic

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