What is Really Behind Iran’s Unrest?

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Brian Berlectic

What is Really Behind Iran's Unrest?


Published September 25, 2022

The Western media is depicting unrest in Iran as "the people" demanding social justice and women's rights. In reality, it is part of a years-long effort by Washington to foment upheaval and regime change in Iran.

Policy papers from 2009 detailed step-by-step how the US could overthrow the Iranian government and install an obedient client regime in its place. Since then, each step has been implemented verbatim with varying degrees of success, and the process, as we can now see, continues today.

An example of US shameless media propaganda of benefit to the US empire (identical to the reports distributed by other corporate media, in all formats (TV, radio, print, social media, etc.) The filth and cynicism never stop because that's how Western power elites think and operate—with complete amorality.

Protests grow violent in Iran over death of Mahsa Amini

At least 17 people have been killed in protests across Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody and the U.S. government sent a sharp rebuke.

BBC - Iran protests: Mahsa Amini's death puts morality police under spotlight:
Reuters -
Washington Post - Anger against Iran’s ‘morality police’ erupts after death of Mahsa Amini:
TIME - Who Gets to Wear a Headscarf? The Complicated History Behind France's Latest Hijab Controversy:
Brookings Institution - Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran (2009):
Reuters - U.S. State Department speaks to Twitter over Iran (2009):
Financial Times - US boosts funding of tech companies to help anti-Tehran protests (2020):
Reuters - U.S. to drop Iranian MEK group from terrorist list: officials:

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