Beware of Nuclear False Flag Blaming Russia

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First posted on Oct. 9, 2022

NOTE: We have been saying this for some weeks now, we even put it on our homepage. The chances remain high (for reasons well explained in this article) that the Empire of Chaos and Lies, which lacks any honor or decency, may try a tactical nuke on some important target in Ukraine, Poland or any other nation or region designated by "the West" as part of their domain. The idea—just like they just did with the Nord Stream attacks—is then to shamelessly blame Russia. The West can get away with such things because it retains overwhelming superiority in the area of global disinformation, "soft power", and because despite the erosion of credibility of the West's official narrative in its own sphere, the majority of the captive populations are still confused enough to remain passive and go along with the rulers' schemes. Whether a nuke in Poland, Ukraine or another spot would initiate an all-out nuclear exchange between Russia and the US/NATO bloc remains to be seen. Such events always pack unpredictable consequences, and this could indeed be the end of human history. But whatever happens, let everyone with an atom of decency clearly understand that this vile act was triggered by the criminal elites currently running the US and its vassal nations.—The Editor


Dr. E. Michael Jones issued a disturbing warning on this week’s False Flag Weekly News:

Col. (Douglas) MacGregor was on some platform yesterday saying that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Russians are planning to use nuclear weapons. They don’t need to. They have overwhelming military superiority at the moment as they’re building up for the fall offensive. So it seems to me what we’re really talking about here is America setting off a nuclear bomb and attributing it to Russia. In case you didn’t notice, they did this already with the pipeline, so why wouldn’t they do it with a nuclear weapon?

Jones’ warning comes amid signs that the US leadership is actively considering nuclear war. Joe Biden recently announced that the world is on the brink of nuclear apocalypse. His government seems to be preparing for that eventuality:

On Wednesday, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it would spend $290 million to secure an undisclosed quantity of Amgen’s blood disorder drug Nplate, which has been approved to treat blood cell injuries caused by acute radiation syndrome (ARS) in both children and adults.

The Union of Concerned Scientists agrees that a civilization-ending nukefest is closer than ever. Their Doomsday Clock is currently set to “doom’s doorstep”— 100 seconds from midnight. That is the worst “doom setting” since the Doomsday Clock was inaugurated in 1947.

Biden and the mainstream media are pre-emptively blaming Putin. They say that Russia is losing, growing desperate, and likely to resort to a nuclear strike.

But militarily experienced analysts like Col. Douglas MacGregor and Larry Johnson beg to differ. They point out that the vaunted Ukrainian advances are relatively insignificant. As Johnson writes:

Rolling across wide open plains represents a feel good moment, but this territory is not defensible once Russia decides to counter attack…Russia is baiting Ukraine to take territory and then face the task of trying to take a city Russia holds, such as Kherson…Ukraine will have to conduct a frontal assault on the city of Kherson and, in order to do this, will have to mass troops and equipment that will be easy targets for Russian artillery, missiles and bombs.

If Russia were really losing, wouldn’t the sanctions-flouting nations representing 85% of Earth’s population quickly capitulate to the US, cut off their trade with Russia, and beg for Uncle Sam’s forgiveness? And wouldn’t the Saudis and the rest of OPEC+ side with Biden rather than Putin? But that isn’t happening. On the contrary, it seems that most world leaders are betting on the Russians, not the Americans. They know the actual military score. They know that the pre-war Ukrainian military is mostly destroyed, that Ukraine has taken atrocious losses, and that the mad dashes against undefended empty plains are a desperate PR stunt, not a real threat to the success of the Russian SMO. The Russians are currently massing for their winter offensive, and when it comes, Ukraine will lose everything it has gained and then some, setting the stage for a decisive resolution to the conflict.

So it is the Ukrainians and their American neocon backers—not the Russians—who are desperate. How desperate? Well, Zelinsky wants the US to pre-emptively nuke Russia, that’s how desperate.

But the Americans know that’s impossible. You can’t just pre-emptively nuke the biggest nuclear power on earth without destroying yourself in the process.

There are signs that American officials are annoyed with Ukrainian loose cannons like “nuke ‘em first and ask questions later” Zelinsky. The New York Times recently published a barely-coherent article headlined “U.S. Believes Ukrainians Were Behind Darya Dugina Assassination” that appeared to be some kind of CIA message to the Russians, or the Ukrainians, or US vassals, or some combination thereof, insisting that “we Americans are really, really mad at the Ukrainian hotheads who killed Darya Dugina, and we’re worried about the Ukrainians doing more recklessly stupid things.”

The US government is the last entity on Earth that should be telling other people not to do recklessly stupid things. But this time they might have a point.

One extremely recklessly stupid thing Ukrainian hotheads might do is set off a nuclear false flag designed to be blamed on Russia. Maybe there is a faction of the CIA that doesn’t like that idea, and the New York Times article is a sort of pre-emptive strike against it.

In any case, if one or more radioactive mushroom clouds arises over Ukraine or its general vicinity, regardless of whether it was done by Ukrainian hotheads or US special operatives or their Polish stooges or Blackwater or the same guys who blew up Nordstream or the team that murdered Darya Dugina or the liars who dreamed up the Ghost of Kiev and the Foul-Mouthed Martyrs of Snake Island, it won’t really matter, because we all know the hysterical neocon propaganda media will blame Putin and bay in unison for his blood; Zelensky will demand immediate Armageddon; and generally all hell will break loose, figuratively and perhaps literally. If people believe the propaganda, we’ll be facing a World War III scenario.

That’s why it’s important to share this article and spread the news far and wide that if and when a nuke goes off, it will be the American-Ukrainian side, not the Russian side, that did it.

Kevin Barrett  is senior editor of Veterans Today.

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