Something to celebrate: Homeless dog with pumpkin sized head is barely recognizable today

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We Love Animals
Feb 9, 2022
A fortunately happy-ending story, with an animal that was severely neglected and maltreated, including shot at, eventually becoming an ambassador of cheer and goodwill to young and old.

Thank you for visiting our animal defence section. Before leaving, please take a moment to reflect on these mind-numbing institutionalized cruelties.
The wheels of business and human food compulsions—often exacerbated by reactionary creeds— are implacable and totally lacking in compassion. This is a downed cow, badly hurt, but still being dragged to slaughter. Click on this image to fully appreciate this horror repeated millions of times every day around the world. With plentiful non-animal meat substitutes that fool the palate, there is no longer reason for this senseless suffering. And meat consumption is a serious ecoanimal crime. The tyranny of the palate must be broken. Please consider changing your habits and those around you in this regard.


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