Revelations By The Top Pfizer Executive Jordan Tristan Walker | Project Veritas | English News

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CNN News 18 (India Channel)*
The Jimmy Dore Show

Jan 27, 2023

Revelations By The Top Pfizer Executive Jordan Tristan Walker | Project Veritas | English News #BreakingNews: Revelations by the top Pfizer executive; in an explosive sting he talked about the "manufactures COVID mutation"

Muckraking conservative journalist James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas have set their sights on Pfizer, and recently released an explosive video featuring Jordan Tristan Walker, the company’s Director of Research and Development- Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, explaining Pfizer’s secretive research practices involving gain of function research mutating the COVID-19 virus, and how the revolving door between the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies works to screw over the public. Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Walker’s comments, including his description of COVID as a “cash cow” for Pfizer.


After realizing that what he thought was a hot date was actually an undercover operation run by Project Veritas, Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development- Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning Jordan Tristan Walker staged a major freakout, calling the police, demanding that exits be locked and attempting to smash an iPad on the floor.



Selected Comments

As expected, the comments reflected the anger and exasperation of many Americans (and probably many others in "the West") with the by now obvious campaigns of narrative control and media prostitution.  Below a sampler:

As an american, I have seldom been more embarrassed by my country, but thank you India for exposing this and discussing what the US government and CCP will not.

Way to go, CNN India! Thank you for having the courage to cover this story!

American networks refuse to cover this. Thank you for getting it out there for us👍👍

Finally, CNN reporting the facts for once ... Thank You CNN India

For anyone trying to make excuses for Pfizer: Why is it called DIRECTED Evolution if they’re just watching it mutate and not directing the mutations? He said PART of what they’re trying to do is anticipate new variants; what’s the other part(s) of what they’re trying to do? He said “we do these selected structural mutations to see if we can make them more potent.” Sounds like Gain of Function to me.

This has been available for a few days but I’ve only seen it in 2 places. Thank you CNN India for being the first main news company to report it. It’s time for all truths to come out and all news channels to report the real news.


* Cable News Network-News18 (known as CNN-News18 and originally CNN-IBN) is an Indian English-language news television channel founded by Raghav Bahl based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is currently co-owned by Network18 Group and Warner Bros. Discovery.[1] CNN provides international coverage for the channel, while Indian Broadcasting Network concentrates on Indian and local reports.[2]

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The views expressed are solely those of the author and may or may not reflect those of The Greanville Post

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