Billy Bob’s Dispatches: Why does China avoid military entanglements around the globe?

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I have reproduced a comment below which I think is important because it illustrates a particular perspective that is unfortunately rather common among what could be described as cultural conservative anti-imperialists. These folks have been conditioned to oppose communism without ever really understanding what communism is, as well as not appreciating the relationship between class struggle and anti-imperialism.

First the commentary and then my response:

"China will do what it did in Iraq. Nothing. And it did the same in Libya. Nothing.
China is terrified of being dragged into combat anywhere. It had billions invested in Iraq and was scared off. In Libya, tens of billions with over 20,000 technicians there. And it fled and abandoned it all. China does not want to forward present its military in any form.

So these three destroyed nations get lovely hopes from China, but I don't expect to see China rebuilding anything until peace returns to Syria. Syria's Idlib problem would have ended in 2017 if China entered the war. They had at least 8000 Uyghur terrorists they could have killed in Idlib. They didn't even send a special forces sniper team to work alongside Hezbollah or Syria or Russia or Wagner.

It is common to project China's enormous economic strength into geopolitical strengths, especially military. China is no Russia. It isn't even an Iran. It has a long To Do list in this regard. It was nice of them to send a plane for Assad and his beautiful wife. Poor Syria has lost so much and needs every assistance. But the road to recovery is filling with US inspired and paid for terrorists in the Daraa region again. And ISIS is very strong in Idlib and al Tanf as well as in the tribal oil regions of the east. This war is far from over and China will do nothing."

So I get the frustration and perception that "China ought to do more" but I think this sentiment is misguided for two primary reasons:

First, this perspective lacks an appreciation for what China has already accomplished and for what China is currently doing with regards to ending Western hegemony and instituting a new global order based on principles of sovereignty, non-intervention, and peace through mutual prosperity. China is doing tremendous things around the planet spreading peace and prosperity, abolishing Western hegemony, and providing the developing world an alternative to the rape, exploitation, and political domination which defines the Western neo-liberal "development" [sic] model. Consider the BRI, or the decline of the dollar as the world's reserve currency, or the effort to stabilize Russia's sanctioned economy through increased investment, or the soon to be enlarged BRICKS partnership, or the China-brokered mid-East peace initiative which is bringing reconciliation to the geographic area where the West has spent a century or more pursuing a divide and conquer strategy.

Each one of these items, represents another nail in the coffin of Western global hegemony, but together they represent inevitable victory, which many people including myself, believe has been won at least a decade ago. This noose is tightening quicker with each passing day and these are the mechanisms which are resulting in the inevitable and rapidly accelerating demise of Western hegemony. From this perspective, complaining that China "is not doing more" seems shortsighted and irresponsible as the calls to "do more" could actually jeopardize the peaceful and absolute victory which China, with it's partners, is on a trajectory to achieve.

This brings me to point number two. The objective of China is to end unipolarism and the "rules based order of Western hegemony" and to replace it with a global structure based on the respect for sovereignty, non-intervention, and peace through development and mutual prosperity, *with as little collateral damage and fall-out as possible to the global economy and to individual human beings*. China (and Russia, Iran, DPRK, Venezuela, etc) are truly the adults in the room, struggling to facilitate very necessary geopolitical changes, in a way that does not end in catastrophe for the planet or humanity.

The anti-imperialist block must be patient, long-suffering, and they ought not respond to Western provocations that are precisely intended to extricate themselves (the West) from the tightening noose which I described in point one.

The struggle against Western imperialism is a multifaceted hybrid war and I trust China and Russia to understand this reality better than those of us that attempt to understand it from the outside. So I have faith that China and Russia have both learned from history and the Sino-Soviet split and they understand that together they stand and divided they fall. They also both recognize the inevitability of their victory and the West's desire to change the game by priviking them to do something rash and foolish.
So again, I feel it's misguided to complain that China ought to do more. I don't think the leaders of Russia share this opinion at all. I think they are working in lock-step and they are doing their utmost to facilitate change without provoking WWIII and without triggering a global economic collapse which would be devastating to billions of people. I honestly believe that Russia and China deserve our tremendous gratitude and thanks for their inevitable victory over the monstrosity that is psychopathic US global domination. Complaining that China doesn't fall into the traps and provocations set out by the West, is neither prudent nor wise.

Billy Bob is a dedicated anti-imperialist activist and blogger. You can reach him at his Facebook page HERE.

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