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“The Moral Degeneracy of the anti-Woke” (probably not what you think).

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Billy Bob's Blowback Roundtable

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By Billy Bob

Idiocy abounds, and is easily swallowed in many stubbornly ignorant quarters. Thus the dangerous upending of reality continues.  Among other things, the masses have been sold the idea that capitalism is "the American Way", and that it guarantees freedom and democracy—none of which are even remotely true.

Yet, this preposterous notion of communism as the creation of evil elites, has a history in right-wing discourse that goes all the way back to Marx himself and has been championed by many contemporary right-wing influencers such as Antony Sutton (in his 1974 book “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”) and James Corbett who runs a popular libertarian podcast from Japan.  This easily debunked right-wing trope has gained impressive traction within libertarian circles and inevitably, when the topic comes up, Sutton is cited by the libertarian faithful, as an authoritative expert.

The genius behind this narrative is that once you convince someone that communism is a tool and weapon of the elites that they created, and which they utilize for their own nefarious purposes, it reinforces and panders to the massive anti-communist narratives that the Western ruling class has created and been accepted as gospel by many unsuspecting Americans, over the last hundred years.

But this narrative which is being sold to the "anti-woke" side of the culture war, of course contains a primary and indeed fatal contradiction:  On the one hand, the anti-woke are asked to accept the reality of a gargantuan “communist conspiracy” purportedly designed to undermine society in the hopes of eventually achieving a one world communist government, while they are also asked to accept the narrative about “communism being the ultimate evil” a notion which the same ruling class has turned into a virtual religion over the past several generations at least since the end of WWII.

Here is a question for the libertarian faithful who embrace this narrative: how do you square this circle?  From where does this “communist conspiracy” draw its strength?  If the communists have infiltrated all aspects of government, why did they turn anti-communism into a veritable religion?  If the elites —who demonstrably control the West's governments everywhere—are “communist” why is communism so demonized by the same power structures of the West?


Yea, these guys are psychopaths alright, but NOT Marxist psychopaths. Try capitalist psychos. Only massive ignorance and confusion permits this kind of fundamental error.

So this is where the narrative pivots and does its best to pander to the inculcated ignorance of its intended victims.  By redefining “communism” as, “everything that conservatives oppose”.  There is truly no limit to the “evils” that conservatives are happy to blame communism for.  A lecture from one of the narrative’s top proponents, James Lindsay, is entitled “Maoism With American Characteristics”.  In this lecture, Lindsay panders to American ignorance by claiming Mao was an agent of the elites and that American elites want to revisit the evils upon the American people that Mao visited upon the Chinese people.

Another insidious aspect of this anti-woke propaganda offensive aimed at those Christian conservatives that have most fully embraced the religion of anti-communism, is the demonization of the nation of China.  The obvious agenda here is to rally public support for a future hot war against China. But an obvious question begs to be answered: why are the communists, ostensibly in charge of the West, agitating for war against the communists that they created and installed in China?  Like why are our supposed communist elites that are alleged to be shoving their woke agenda down our throats, provoking, sanctioning, and doing their best to cripple the economy of their Chinese communist allies?  This is just mindless ignorance peddled to mindless people.

Everything stated above is a necessary background and preamble to the actual point I am hoping to sharpen with this essay.  If we forget about these brazen contradictions which ought to make every adult reject this spurious narrative in its entirety, we are left with a basic argument that goes something like this: “I am an anti-authoritarian and so I hate communism and China for their authoritarianism.  I believe in freedom, liberty, and volunteerism, so I simply can not abide by the communist agenda and I will oppose the great communist conspiracy that is attempting to control our lives just as it controls the lives of the Chinese people. (you know, with all their censorship, organ harvesting, human rights abuses, COVID tyranny, and their efforts to genocide the Uighurs and Taiwanese).

Notice again the schizophrenia.  These folks parrot the bullshit narratives about China, long disseminated by the Western Elite, while simultaneously blaming a “communist conspiracy” of the Western elite, for the woke agenda.

Ferocious anti-communism has been drilled relentlessly into the American mind for well over a century, in a truly totalitarian way, with the most outrageous lies coming at the public from every conceivable corner: politicians, media, religion, academia, charities, the military, civic institutions, and of course the business class. The witch-hunt has also included blacklisting and overt police repression.

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  • In cynicism and power, the US propaganda machine easily surpasses Orwells Ministry of Truth.
  • Now the fight against anti-semitism is being weaponised as a new sanctimonious McCarthyism.
  • Unless opposed, neither justice nor our Constitutional right to Free Speech will survive this assault.
Associate Editor Billy Bob is a dedicated anti-imperialist activist and blogger. He hosts the Blowback roundtable.  You can reach him at his Facebook page HERE.

First iteration. May 14, 2024

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An excellent crystallization of the fallacy and double think of libertarian ideology. It all comes back to Consciousness. People’s minds are fragmented, so they cannot see the contradictions and absurdities in their own thinking, and so unwittingly (or maybe they’re bribed not to ‘wit’) support their abusers.

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