Author: branford perry

Time to Wake Up: the Neoliberal Order is Dying

JON. COOK—The past three years of attacks on Corbyn are how power manifests itself, shows its hand, when it is losing. It is a strategy of last resort. A Blair or an Obama arrive in power having already made so many compromises behind the scenes that their original policies are largely toothless. They have made Faustian pacts as a condition for being granted access to power. This is variously described as pragmatism, moderation, realism. More accurately, it should be characterised as betrayal.


The Path to World War III

PHILIP GIRALDI— Aggressive war directed at a non-threatening country is the ultimate war crime as defined by the Nuremberg Tribunals that followed after the Second World War, yet the United States and its poodles Britain and France have not so much as squeaked when Israel kills civilians and soldiers in its surprise attacks against targets that it alone frequently claims to be linked to the Iranians. Washington would not be in much of a position to cast the first stone anyway, as it is in Syria illegally, bombs targets regularly, to include two major cruise missile strikes, and, on at least one occasion, set a trap that reportedly succeeded in killing a large number of Russian mercenaries fighting on the Syrian government side.


American ‘Lone Soldiers’ reflect on fighting for Israel: they seek escape, devotion, or ‘just want to shoot’

According to Kachtan, military is still one of the main organizations in constructing masculinity. Kachtan explained that the discourse in Israeli society reinforces the strong and masculine concepts linked to the military. Israeli society perceives itself as better in part due to its “unique” military experience, even though there is a decline in the military status and rise in criticism in society, she added.