In the Crosshairs of the Washington Mafia: Venezuela and Julian Assange

ANN GARRISON—The real lynchpin to busting this mob hit before it happens is UK Labour Party leader and international-law crusader Jeremy Corbyn. Were he to become prime minister, he could say, “Enough of these gangsters,” have the bail-jumping charge dismissed, and refuse to extradite Assange to the mob’s Washington headquarters. The smear tactics that the British mob’s media soldiers have already deployed against Corbyn couldn’t get worse. He is, they say, an anti-Semite, a homophobe, a Russophile, a former Communist spy, a Stalinist, Trotskyist, Anarchist, etc. And now—oh my God!—he supports freedom of the press. He even said so before all the cameras at the UK Labour Party’s last convention.


Freedom Rider: Black Voters Used to Destroy Bernie Sanders

MARGARET KIMBERLEY—The treatment of Sanders is getting worse. They are no longer content to take words out of context, they now tell outright lies. The Hill falsely reported that Sanders would deliver a State of the Union response at the same time that Stacey Abrams was delivering the official Democratic Party response. Abrams is second only to Kamala Harris in the Democrats’ plan to use black women as window dressing to cover up their inaction born of corruption.


GLEN FORD: Pelosi Sabotages Medicare for All, But Corporate Media Pretend Not to Notice

GLEN FORD—The corporate media is part of the conspiracy of silence on Pelosi’s undercover Medicare for All machinations, just as they collude in ignoring Bernie Sanders’ steady stream of speeches on this issue and a slew of wildly popular proposals that would end private exploitation of a whole range of services to the people. Although single payer healthcare would directly benefit most businesses that employ workers, by eliminating profit-driven insurance payments and driving down drug and hospital costs, passage of Medicare for All would open Pandora’s box, shattering the corporate consensus on endless austerity and the sanctity of the “market.” Nobody but the Lords of Capital believes in the “market,” which is nothing but the state-protected right to profiteer from essential human needs. To preserve the fiction that “there is no alternative” to capitalist markets (Margaret Thatcher), the corporate media erases the people’s public options through its control of the political narrative.