Manufacturing Truth

CJ HOPKINS—The truth is a story that power gets to tell, and that the powerless do not get to tell, unless they tell the story of those in power, which is always someone else’s story. The powerless are either servants of power or they are heretics. There is no third alternative. They either parrot the truth of the ruling classes or they utter heresies of one type or another. Naturally, the powerless do not regard themselves as heretics. They do not regard their “truth” as heresy. They regard their “truth” as the truth, which is heresy. The truth of the powerless is always heresy.


Why This Planet Is Becoming Uninhabitable (meanwhile in the US ecocide is business as usual)

ERIC ZUESSE—Global burnout will otherwise destroy every nation. But if the victim-countries avoid forcing the U.S. to do what it must, the victim-countries will be raped even harder. Clearly, now, the United States won’t do what it needs to do, unless it’s forced to. The U.S. must be forced to become a decent member of the global community of nations. Or else, the world is doomed.


The McCain Death Tour Reaches Its Imperial Apotheosis

PAUL STREET—McCain flew 23 missions in which he participated in the bombing of Vietnamese civilians. He was likely responsible in a very hands-on way for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people. He would later unapologetically and publicly describe (as late as 2000) the Vietnamese forces who (doing their national, revolutionary and anti-imperial duty) captured and interrogated him as “Gooks.” The “Maverick” would kill far more people around the world indirectly, as a Congressman in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. The rabid imperialist McCain championed the vicious and arch-reactionary Islamist mujahedin in Afghanistan as part of the U.S. effort to collapse the Soviet Union.