Devil’s Advocate: Farewell to Fauci

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Jim Kavanagh

Noble Heart

I watched the emergence of Anthony Fauci into international prominence over the past two years with particular interest. He and I are graduates of the same New York City high school, a commonality that gives me some insight into his intellectual formation. Though it was some years after him, I played on the basketball team, too. Somewhere, there’s a picture of me in those cool shorts, that I promise you will never see.

Regis High School is a unique institution. It is a highly selective, academically rigorous, all-boys Jesuit high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It is widely considered the best Catholic high school (and one of the best overall) in the country. It gave Anthony Fauci (and me) a strong classical rhetoric-and-logic education in the Jesuit tradition —the Iliad and Odyssey, the Aeneid and Caesar’s Wars, in the original Greek and Latin. It’s an education that, at its best, laid the foundation for logical and critical thinking, and prepared students for the best liberal arts colleges. It also fostered Catholic and Jesuit ethical values, which, of course, have changed over the years.

The Jesuits were formed as the vanguard of the Counter-Reformation and have historically been attached to reactionary politics, but the order is also highly adaptable to the changes in social ideology, while maintaining a consistent commitment to educating the future elite. By the time I was in high school, some good men like Daniel Berrigan, were teaching smart students to see the world through lenses of intellectual and moral honesty, helping them lapse to the left. Like Fidel, who said the Jesuits who ran the high school he attended, “influenced me with their strict organization, their discipline and their values. … They influenced my sense of justice.”

Even more unusual for an academically elite school on the Upper East Side, Regis is tuition-free. Unique, indeed. That’s because it was endowed in 1914, by the widow of New York City mayor Hugh Grant, to offer a free rigorous education to the boys from the city’s poor Catholic (Irish, Italian, etc.) immigrant families. Yup, before it was the home of the UN and Gossip Girl, the East Side was a neighborhood of slaughterhouses and the East Side Kids.

Majestic, and with the serious look of a university, St. Regis was in a class of its own.

So, into the 70s at least, Regis was a school to which middle strata (virtually all white) Catholic families—from dockworkers and firemen to lawyers and pharmacists (Fauci’s father)—throughout the NYC region strove to have their sons accepted. Many kids commuted over an hour each way every day. It was understood as the ticket to a solid professional career. And, indeed, it produced a slew of very smart lawyers, doctors, and professors (not so much bankers) who became loyal alumni. Here's a prototypical testimony—including the “it changed my life” part—from a well-known alumnus:

It was definitely my ticket out of Staten Island, because it got me into a Catholic high school called Regis, which would change the course of the rest of my life. I was extremely lucky to get accepted to Regis, because (a) it’s one of the best high schools in the country and (b) it’s free. For Catholics in New York, Regis is almost like the Watchtower building for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Tens of thousands of kids apply for a hundred and twenty spots in each class. To this day, if a Catholic mother hears that I went to Regis, she will grab my face and say, “God bless! What a wonderful place!” --Colin Jost

This Regis High School background might help you to understand a couple of things about how I understand the phenomenon of Anthony Fauci. First of all: Think you've seen Fauci worship in mainstream media over the past two years?  Nothing compared to the Zoom meetings with my Regis classmates! Anathema is the precise word for any criticism of Anthony Fauci in that circle. When I sent them the link to my anti-mandate article last year, I got a slew of derogatory responses, including this wish to see me die in agony: "My one regret is not being present in the COVID ICU to witness the author struggling for his final agonal breath." From a medical doctor. At a Catholic hospital. Noble Hearts, as we Regians call ourselves. (“My Ours Be The Noble Heart” is the school anthem.)

But what best explains the relevance of Regis to Anthony Fauci is an anecdote regarding my nephew, who applied to the school some years after me. His father, my oldest brother (who had not gotten into Regis and pooh-poohed it, though unavoidably respecting it) wanted his son to go, but my nephew was more interested in going to high school with his friends in Queens rather than commuting to the geeky school in Manhattan. Having passed the exam, my nephew headed into the obligatory personal interview with a Jesuit, who asked him a stock interview question: "Who is the historical personage you admire most?"  Sensing the chance to shock the sensibilities of the old priest and the old man, and to banish the prospect of four years in nerdville, my nephew replied: "Judas Iscariot."  When asked to elaborate, he pointed out that Judas did the dirty but necessary work that nobody else would, though it brought shame and scorn on him from all quarters, and performed the key act without which the rest of the story would not have been able to unfold in the gloriously celebrated way that it did, yada, yada.

My nephew was not showing off his knowledge of a recently discovered Gnostic gospel. He was just being a smart-ass. But, "smart" was the operative word. Much to his surprise—though not to those who are familiar with the intricate wiles of the mind that is known as "Jesuitical"—he was accepted. One can just hear the good fathers: "Now that is the kind of student we want at Regis."

And that is what I heard every time Anthony Fauci spoke: The rhetorical skill that crafts a sinuous and compelling narrative that fixes our attention on the best of a worst case and obfuscates the rest. The ability to deceive and dissemble without (for the most) part saying anything demonstrably false, by soliciting sympathetic identification with what his audience likes to think is true about the subject in question, but above all about how smart he and they are. That is the perfect intellectual persona for the apex medical bureaucrat speaking for the most corrupt corporate-captured “public” agency. Pharma is a devil, and Fauci is the Devil’s Advocate. And I know where he developed that rhetorical (in the classical sense of the word) skill and intelligence.

I also know that, per Fidel, that skill and intelligence, learned in the same place, can be put to better use. I hope other Regis alumni, like Edward Curtin and myself, have done so. Our shared intellectual formation has made the sanctification of Fauci a particularly curious thing for Ed and me to watch unfold, as we discussed in our video, “Fauci's Follies, Covid Policy, and the Left.”


As I’ve focused on watching what’s been most real about Fauci for me—his exercise of the intellectual-rhetorical skills we both learned—I’ve avoided any comprehensive frontal attack on the doctor. RFK, Jr. has done an excellent job of that in his book The Real Anthony Fauci. I dare anyone to read the devastating first chapter of that book, which lays out the unprecedented, dishonest, and cruel campaign Fauci led to suppress treatments and punish doctors who dared to try to treat sick patients instead of waiting for the magic-bullet vaccine, without being shocked at how diabolical his enterprise actually was.

Dr. Fauci and Mr. Hide

That said, right now, I actually want to implore you to Listen to Dr. Fauci: He told you everything you need to know. It’s his evil twin, who appears on TV all the time, that you must be wary of. Indeed, Dr. Fauci should listen to himself.

Here, for example, is Dr. Fauci telling us how difficult it would be to jump over “tried and true” methods in order to develop a vaccine of a different type (i.e., mRNA). It would take at least a decade to make sure such a vaccine was safe and effective, said Dr. Fauci, a few months before Covid-19 appeared in the U.S.:

The following clip is Dr. Fauci, after Covid appeared, explaining how, though it normally takes “five, six, seven” years (note: already slip-sliding down from ten) to prove a vaccine is safe and effective, he and his cohort concocted a vaccine and gave the first injection to a volunteer in 65  days (“rocket speed”—or, per Trump, the father and continuing promoter of these vaccines, don’t forget, “Warp Speed.”)

One might notice, with some critical curiosity, how Fauci could carefully explain that the science requires ten years to make sure a vaccine is safe and effective, and a year later change that to as little as five years, and seconds later declare even that “unacceptable” and 65 days will do. One might remark how amazing it is that the ”speed of science” changes at Dr. Fauci’s discretion. One might, if one weren’t so pleasantly beguiled by the personification of “science” himself.

“Speed of science” is a phrase used by Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, Janine Small, when she acknowledged at an EU hearing that Pfizer did not know or claim that their vaccine prevented transmission of the Covid virus: “Regarding the question around did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market…No. We have to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market.” So, the “speed of science” is really the speed of the market. “The market” is the pace car that determines how fast “the science” can, and must, go. That’s what Ms. Small and Dr. Fauci are saying.

Indeed, one might also notice that Dr. Fauci warns us that the vaccine is not really “acceptable” after 65 days. It will take another “year to year-and-a-half” to “even know if [the vaccine] works.” And after that, to establish that it is safe, you need to do “an extended study, not in a normal volunteer… but in people who are out there in a risk situation” to make sure the vaccine doesn’t actually make people “worse…… more likely to get infected.” [my italics]

The “other element to safety” Fauci is warning about in this clip is the phenomenon known as Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). As he says, it “would not be the first time…it happened.” In fact, he tells us, ADE is a known danger with mRNA vaccines and a particularly tragic example of it occurred in trials of a vaccine for respiratory syncytial coronavirus (RSV) in 2019 that Fauci specifically alludes to.

He did not specify that, among 20 infants in the vaccinated group for that vaccine trial, 16 required hospitalization and two died (while only one of the 21 participants in the control group was hospitalized). Indeed, a vaccine that “made the children worse.”

Nor did he mention an October, 2020 study on the safety of Covid vaccines in light of those previous disasters, which determined that the spike protein of SARS-CoV, which the mRNA vaccines make your cells produce, "contains several immunodominant sites that can induce non-neutralizing antibodies, including those associated with ADE, or harmful immune responses.”

Indeed, once the decision was made to administer and mandate these vaccines to everyone, Fauci never again evinced the slightest concern about the fact that clinical trials for these Covid vaccines did not fully test for the very serious danger of ADE, as he himself warned they were obliged to.

ADE is a danger that’s been warned about repeatedly by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who called the Covid mass vaccination program, "a textbook example for how to provoke antibody-dependent enhancement of the disease." That danger from the Covid vaccines has also been confirmed in a study published this September: “monoclonal anti-S-protein Abs [antibodies]can function as ADE-causing Ab…These results raise the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines targeting the S-protein also induce ADE-causing Abs as well as neutralizing Abs.”

But, once the vaccine is on the market, you just cannot consider if it makes the children or adults worse. The “science” is moving too fast.

Dr. Fauci, or Mr. Hide, his evil alter-ego, certainly did not heed what the authors of that Covid vaccine safety study said, and what Dr. Fauci’s own public statements make clear: “we have learnt the absolute necessity of tracking the comprehensive safety of vaccines before large-scale application, no matter the urgency of the moment” [my italics]. (An admonition that I urge every reader to read again. And again. And sear it in the front of their mind. For the next time. Which is coming.)

This is the science that Fauci knew, told us that he knew, and ignored and contravened—and colluded in censoring and punishing anyone who dared to point out.  Dr. Fauci was called (By whom? we might ask) to become Devil’s Advocate, Rocket Man, Warp-Speed and all. That is what’s “unacceptable.”

This clip is a nice example of Anthony Fauci’s special rhetorical talent: the ability to tell you a truth—that the vaccines he is promoting do not meet the minimum standards of safety that he defined—in a way that avoids recognizing it.  “The vaccines are not safe” becomes “There’s the good news and… the challenge.” No “bad news” about these devils.

Karma Chameleon

Dr. Fauci’s shape-shifting science and rhetorical escapism were well on display in his notorious, blatantly contradictory, public statements about masks. Here’s his famous March, 2020 60 Minutes conversation with Dr. Jonathan LaPook about masks:

There is nothing ambiguous about what Fauci said here: “people should not be walking around with masks.” Dr. LaPook emphasizes how important it is to be clear and definitive with such a public statement: “You're sure of it? Because people are listening really closely to this.” And Fauci repeats and elaborates: “There's no reason to be walking around with a mask… wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And often there are unintended consequences—people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

There is no doubt Fauci meant what he said here, since he had said the same thing in a February, 2020 email to a colleague who asked about wearing a mask while travelling: “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material…I do not recommend that you wear a mask.”

And there’s no reason Fauci shouldn’t have said this, since it is consistent with the known science and the explicit statements of virtually every public health official in the world at the time.

Like the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, who tweeted in February, 2020: “Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS! They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus,” and also said on national television: “Not only are you not preventing yourself from getting a disease, you may be increasing your chance of getting a disease by wearing that mask.” And epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, member of Joe Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board, who told Christiane Amanpour on PBS in August, 2021: “Those cloth pieces you hang over your face…have very limited impact in reducing the amount of virus that you inhale in or exhale out…The science is first…telling people that in fact just putting a face cloth covering on is going to protect you is simply not true.” (My favorite: “It’s like throwing sand at a chain link fence.”) And public-health professor, Lisa Brousseau, who said: “What we're seeing is a lot of magical thinking, a lot of wishful thinking. Cloth masks are wishful thinking.”

It's a point that was made by many others, some of whom can be found here. Fauci’s statement on 60 Minutes was not ill-considered, mistaken, or dishonest. He was carefully and honestly communicating the scientific truth that he and all his colleagues knew.

But then, a few months later, in an interview with Katherine Ross on TheStreet in June, 2020, Fauci said that he had been lying in the 60 Minutes interview—noble-lying, of course, for the sake of the brave healthcare workers:

Well, the reason for [telling people not to wear masks] is that we…were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply. And we wanted to make sure that the … the health care workers, who were brave enough to put themselves in a harm way [sic],… we did not want them to be without the equipment that they needed. So there was not enthusiasm about going out and everybody buying a mask or getting a mask. We were afraid that that would deter away from the people who really needed it.

A noble lie from a Noble Heart.

Much of the criticism of Fauci’s contradictions starts with accepting this story—Fauci’s story—that he lied to the public about masks in March 2020, but only did so for the sake of healthcare workers. Bad enough, since, as Dr. Jay Bhattacharya—one of the authors of The Great Barrington Declaration, against whom Fauci launched a media campaign to smear as "fringe epidemiologists"—said on Jimmy Dore’s show

Once you've lied like that, you're done, your credibility is shot, right. He basically is saying he's telling people scientific facts…in order to manipulate their behavior, rather than to tell them the truth…I mean there's not much in public health that you have, what you have is your credibility…and once you've shot that credibility, for whatever purpose—in order to, in this case, to manipulate the public,…I don't know why you would trust him again.

True that. But it’s actually worse. As Dr. Bhattacharya also pointed out: “The irony…is that he was telling the truth” on 60 Minutes

We know Fauci was sincere in the 60 Minutes interview because, as we said, he was saying the same thing privately in emails. And we know he—and all the others saying the same thing—didn’t make up all the reasons he was giving why masks are ineffective, because, as Bhattacharya points out, in his exchange with Dore:

JB: Before 2020, there were dozens of randomized trials with masks—including N95 masks, and cloth masks, and surgical masks, in the community and in settings like in hospitals, and it is very difficult to find evidence from…good randomized studies, that masks protect against viruses like [the flu and Covid]...So he was reflecting the pre-2020 consensus on masks, based on a huge body of high quality research. He was telling the truth in that [60 Minutes] clip. [his emphasis] 
JD: So when did the consensus change?
JB: Uh, sometime around April 2020. And not based on any scientific studies. It just changed.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Fauci, giving a first, unprepared response, told us the science he knew, which was the scientific consensus at the time. He was sure of it, and knew people were listening really closely. In the later “admission,” Fauci was actually lying about lying—"confessing” to a lie in order to hide the truth of what he had previously said, which was inconvenient to the case he was now pushing,which involved elaborate charades of double- and triple masking. All of which was not dictated by changes in “the scientific consensus” or a new mass of “substantial data” in the one month from March to April, 2020, but by the newly crystalized profit and political imperatives (more fearmongering to get acceptance for mandatory vaccination, more obsessive Trump-bashing to divide and confuse).

The distinctive Faucian rhetorical signature here is that nobody—at least very few, honest scientists like Jay Bhattacharya and similarly trained rhetoricians like myself among them—even noticed this possibility. Fauci led everyone—even harsh nemeses like Jimmy Dore and Kim Iverson—to swallow the criticism of him that he proferred, sweetened with his noble-hearted “noble lie” defense. Beyond lying, Fauci misleads, and gets away with it.

The bottom line is: No matter when you think he lied or misled, Anthony Fauci’s prime objective was not to tell you the truth, but to manipulate your behavior. Not the work of a scientist, but of a medical bureaucrat. A Devil’s Advocate.

But you have to notice the rhetorical shape-shift. I say again, we should listen to Dr. Fauci, the scientist, who knows and tells us the science that his alter-ego, Mr. Hide, the Pharma-captured medical bureaucrat, misleads us away from. 

Here, for example, Dr. Fauci explains—again repeatedly and emphatically, after being asked to confirm—that there is no better immunization than natural immunity gained from infection: “If she got the flu for 14 days she's as protected as anybody can be because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself… She should not get [the flu vaccine] again. she doesn't need it because …the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself”:

Dr. Fauci is here confirming the adaptive power of the natural human immune system that his evil twin elsewhere deprecates and that the drugs he pushes degrade. He had to change—actually forget and make you forget and not notice the forgetting—a definitive scientific knowledge he emphatically stated, to push the new-model infinite vaccine subscription program. 

Here's the good doctor telling us that there is no danger to the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, or even from the infected—because that’s how actually effective vaccines work:

(Sorry for the goofy video. Best I could find.)

That observation had to be memory-holed by Mr. Hide, lest it lead you to notice precisely that the Covid “vaccines” do not work the way he himself told you to expect, and that mandates for these vaccines are therefore entirely unjustified.

And here is Dr. Fauci, in December, 2021, in response to a question about the number of children’s hospitalizations, explaining how Covid cases are overcounted:

“If you look at the children who are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with Covid as opposed to because of Covid. And what we mean by that: if a child goes in the hospital, they automatically get tested for Covid, and they get counted as a covid-hospitalized individual, when, in fact, they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. So it's overcounting the number of children who are hospitalized with Covid as opposed to because of Covid.” [his emphases]

This overcounting process regarding children that Fauci describes and warns us against is in fact the deliberate policy he and the CDC and public health authorities explicitly ordered for everyone throughout the pandemic. As White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx declared: ”If someone dies with Covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” And as the Illinois Director of Public Health directed: “Even if you died of a clear alternate cause…it's still listed as a Covid death…that does not mean that was the cause of the death [her emphasis].” “Clear alternate cause” included things like intentional injury and poisoning, motorcycle accidents, and gunshot wounds. As one epidemiologist told The Atlantic in September, 2021: “Those patients who are there with rather than from COVID don’t belong in the metric.” But there they are.

So, Fauci is revealing nothing new in this clip with MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin. He is telling us what he and other pharma-captured medical bureaucrats knew, and ordered, to be the case all along—that, by deliberate policy directive, Covid case and death counts are completely unreliable and make it impossible to know how many people were infected with or died from Covid-19. It’s just that you hadn’t noticed it, because it was kept from your attention. It’s just that, in this clip, Dr. Fauci and MSNBC were now willing to state it on air, publicly. In the Christmas season of 2021, the time had come to assuage the public’s anxiety a bit—not because there were any new scientific facts, but because the political value of Covid feamorngering played differently in the time of Biden than of Trump.

So, Dr. Fauci told you the truth about the scientifically ridiculous, contrived-to-fearmonger Covid case/death count, a truth that devastates the fundamental rationale for all the radically disruptive social policies he and his cohorts put us through for over two years—but he presented it in a way that discourages you from noticing that that’s what it means, while preserving his ability to manipulate your behavior. And it worked, didn’t it? How many people noticed that?

It's a sinuous and compelling narrative that Fauci creates, misleading even when true.

Of course, with the omnibus memory of the internet, it’s impossible to hide all the shape shifts. At some point, even a classical rhetorician like Fauci loses the sinuous thread of rhetorical obfuscation and runs into the stubborn bull of a plain-old lie:

“I didn’t shut down anything.”

“I recommended to the president that we shut the country down.”

Devil’s Playground

So, as he leaves the stage, Dr. Fauci’s narrative has become significantly less compelling, and is effectively deconstructed by his own contradictory statements and logic.

My summary take on Fauci is that he’s a self-admitted deceiver, dissembler, and, ultimately, liar. He has played a central role in creating what is a social, political, and epistemological (undermining our ability to know how to know), as well as medical, disaster from which it is going to be very difficult for U.S. society, public health, and scientific practice to recover.

The reality of what may be the worst iatrogenic medical disaster in history is becoming harder to ignore in the wake of multiple reinfections of the multiply vaccinated, all-cause morbidity and mortality statistics, myocarditis and DNA-transcription studies, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, negative vaccine effectivity, evident harms from lockdowns and masking, etc. The appearance of articles like the NYT’s “Why Many Americans Turned on Anthony Fauci,” which ridicules the insistence that “skepticism of the good doctor must have been everyone’s fault but his own,” is a sign of the establishment trying to handle “a growing willingness by mainstream observers, and even the ‌Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to admit that the public health response to Covid-19 was in many ways a failure.”

Anybody who, at this point, does not see, based on what Fauci himself has told us, the incompetence and incoherence of the whole Covid project of which he was a prime director, including how unsafe and ineffective the vaccines are and how scientifically ridiculous and politically pernicious the mandate and passport policies were and are, is a stubborn and dangerous fool, who will be fooled again—by their attachment to effectively religious, anti-scientific ideologies about magic potions and omniscient saints.

But it is not over. Multiple responsible parties, including Fauci himself, are trying to pretend they didn’t say and do the things they did. Meanwhile, the worst of the policies—vaccine mandates and passports that fire people from jobs, eject them from schools, prevent them from moving about freely and travelling—are still being enforced for no good reason, preventing, for example, women travelling to get an abortion and 30-50% of black kids in D.C. from going to school. If more people are coming to understand that these mandates are not justified, few are willing to admit that they never were. People are still rushing to get an insufficiently tested, still-officially-unapproved genetic therapy treatment for themselves and their children that will not prevent infection or transmission, will have to be readministered (because it will make them more likely to get Covid) after a few months, and does carry significant risks of harm that were never tested for. People still think censoring Jay Bhattacharya, Robert Malone, and Joe Rogan is a good idea, Ivermectin is a horse dewormer, and there’s something “progressive” about California making it illegal for doctors to disagree with Dr. Fauci or any of his successors.

And, sorry, “If only we knew then…” won’t wash. Fauci and his fanboys and girls helped to hide, ridicule, censor, and punish the science and scientists that were available, and to which they’re all turning now, Great Barrington Declaration and all. I’m pleased to note that the article I wrote over a year ago, which was based on science that was available before mandates were instituted, and was greeted by derision and death wish by my and Fauci’s fellow alumni, has stood up quite well—better, in fact, than Fauci’s train of contradictory pronouncements.

Per Kim Iversen’s excellent take: You don’t get away with “If only I knew then…,” when you rejected the knowledge then, when a) You were presented with, and superciliously dismissed, the data and the analyses that were available, and b) Your attitude was actually: “I don’t want to know!” or “There’s nothing else to know, and you’re a moron for suggesting there is!”

Fauci is not the only pharma/government-approved expert to tell you, in their own voice, what you need to know about how wrong they were. 

Here is Dr. Science’s partner, the Vaccine King, in May, 2022, telling us clearly the truth that Covid was never the apocalyptic threat it was fearmongeringly presented as, and would have had to be to justify the draconian and discriminatory policies he and Fauci championed. Rather, it was “a disease mainly of the elderly, kind of like flu.” Something Gates pretends not to know was demonstrated early on by scientists like John Ioannidis (as I noted in my article a year ago):

And here’s Gates again, at the World Economic Forum in May, 2022, telling us the simple truth (and again pretending not to know that many of us said this early on) that the radically discriminatory and disruptive vaccine mandates and passports are pointless, because the vaccines do not prevent transmission:

The urgent question is how not to get fooled again by deceivers and dissemblers who make the best of a terrible case, obfuscate the rest, and skillfully play to what we like to think is true about complex scientific questions, and about ourselves. To avoid that, we have to notice it’s happening.

Because this incidence is not yet over, and it is going to happen again.

The state—including this American capitalist-imperialist state—is adept at finding “emergency” reasons that seem socially reasonable to force-extract enormous profits and take tighter control of our lives. And the best educational institutions of this state are adept at producing smart spokespersons who can, with all sincerity, appeal to our sense of rationality and social responsibility, and convince us that resistance to their emergency measures is stupid and selfish. 

Specifically, having tasted this level of profit, the pharmaceutical industry and its captured state agencies will find another “emergency” and another sympathetic character with a  harmonious (tough forked) tongue to present as “America’s Doctor” and “the most trusted man in America,” who’ll tell you—and force you—to take your medicine. 

The best way to deceive people is not to lie all the time, but to tell enough of the truth to effectively manipulate their behavior. As Bob Dylan sings “Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.” In my metaphor above, the devil of Pharma comes as a healer (for profit). Or a philanthropist. And sometimes his advocate comes as a man of science. 

Jim Kavanagh edits The Polemicist. Follow him on Twitter @ThePolemicist_ .

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Up to You.

^3000US citizens have no real political representation.

We don't live in a democracy. And our freedom is disappearing fast.

I don't want to be ruled by hypocrites, whores, and war criminals.

What about you? Time to push back against the corporate oligarchy.

And its multitude of minions and lackeys.

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Another one, below, functioned like a summary of the whole report:

“Hold high the great flag of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, carry forward the great founding spirit of the party, and unite and struggle to fully build a modern socialist country and to fully promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

True to tradition, the report outlined the CPC’s achievements over the past 5 years and China’s strategy for the next 5 – and beyond. Xi foresees “fierce storms” ahead, domestic and foreign. The report was equally significant for what was not spelled out, or left subtly implied.

Every member of the CPC’s Central Committee had already been briefed about the report – and approved it. They will spend this week in Beijing studying the fine print and will vote to adopt it on Saturday. Then a new CPC Central Committee will be announced, and a new Politburo Standing Committee – the 7 that really rule – will be formally endorsed.

This new leadership line-up will clarify the new generation faces that will be working very close to Xi, as well as who will succeed Li Keqiang as the new Prime Minister: he has finished his two terms and, according to the constitution, must step down.

There are also 2,296 delegates present at the Great Hall representing the CPC’s over 96 million members. They are not mere spectators: at the plenary session that ended last week, they analyzed in-depth every major issue, and prepared for the National Congress. They do vote on party resolutions – even as those resolutions are decided by the top leadership, and behind closed doors.

The key takeaways

Xi contends that in these past 5 years the CPC strategically advanced China while “correctly” (Party terminology) responding to all foreign challenges. Particularly key achievements include poverty alleviation, the normalization of Hong Kong, and progress in diplomacy and national defense.

It’s quite telling that Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was sitting in the second row, behind the current Standing Committee members, never took his eyes off Xi, while others were reading a copy of the report on their desk.

Compared to the achievements, success of the Xi-ordered Zero-Covid policy remains highly debatable. Xi stressed that it has protected people’s lives. What he could not possibly say is that the premise of his policy is to treat Covid and its variants as a U.S. bioweapon directed against China. That is, a serious matter of national security that trumps any other consideration, even the Chinese economy.

Zero-Covid hit production and the job market extremely hard, and virtually isolated China from the outside world. Just a glaring example: Shanghai’s district governments are still planning for zero-Covid on a timescale of two years. Zero-Covid will not go away anytime soon.

A serious consequence is that the Chinese economy will most certainly grow this year by less than 3% – well below the official target of “around 5,5%”.

Now let’s look at some of the Xi report’s highlights.

Taiwan: Beijing has started “a great struggle against separatism and foreign interference” on Taiwan.

Hong Kong: It is now “administered by patriots, making it a better place.” In Hong Kong there was “a major transition from chaos to order.” Correct: the 2019 color revolution nearly destroyed a major global trade/finance center.

Poverty alleviation: Xi hailed it as one of three “major events” of the past decade along with the CPC’s centenary and socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a “new era”. Poverty alleviation is the core of one of the CPC’s “two centenary goals.”

Opening up: China has become “a major trading partner and a major destination for foreign investment.” That’s Xi refuting the notion that China has grown more autarchic. China will not engage in any kind of “expansionism” while opening up to the outside world. The basic state policy remains: economic globalization. But – he didn’t say it – “with Chinese characteristics”.

“Self-revolution”: Xi introduced a new concept. “Self-revolution” will allow China to escape a historical cycle leading to a downturn. And “this ensures the party will never change.” So it’s the CPC or bust.

Marxism: definitely remains as one of the fundamental guiding principles. Xi stressed, “We owe the success of our party and socialism with Chinese characteristics to Marxism and how China has managed to adapt it.”

Risks: that was the speech’s recurrent theme. Risks will keep interfering with those crucial “two centenary goals”. Number one goal was reached last year, at the CPC’s 100th anniversary, when China reached the status of a “moderately prosperous society” in all respects (xiaokang, in Chinese). Number two goal should be reached at the centenary of the People’s Republic of China in 2049: to “build a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious.”

Development: the focus will be on “high-quality development”, including resilience of supply chains and the “dual circulation” economic strategy: expansion of domestic demand in parallel to foreign investment (mostly centered on BRI projects). That will be China’s top priority. So in theory any reforms will privilege a combination of “socialist market economy” and high-level opening, mixing the creation of more domestic demand with supply-side structural reform. Translation: “Dual-circulation” on steroids.

“Whole-process democracy”: that was the other new concept introduced by Xi. Translates as “democracy that works”, as in rejuvenating the Chinese nation under – what else – the CPC’s absolute leadership: “We need to ensure that people can exercise their powers through the People’s Congress system.”

Socialist culture: Xi said it’s absolutely essential “to influence young people”. The CPC must exercise ideological control and make sure the media fosters a generation of young people “who are influenced by traditional culture, patriotism and socialism”, thus benefitting “social stability”. The “China story” must go everywhere, presenting a China that is “credible and respectable”. That certainly applies to Chinese diplomacy, even the “Wolf Warriors”.

“Sinicise religion”: Beijing will continue its drive to “Sinicise religion”, as in “proactively” adapting “religion and the socialist society”. This campaign was introduced in 2015, meaning for instance that Islam and Christianity must be under CPC control and in line with Chinese culture.

The Taiwan pledge

Now we reach the themes that completely obsess the decaying Hegemon: the connection between China’s national interests and how they affect the civilization-state’s role in international relations.

National security: “National security is the foundation of national rejuvenation, and social stability is a prerequisite of national strength.”

The military: the PLA’s equipment, technology and strategic capability will be strengthened. It goes without saying that means total CPC control over the military.

“One country, two systems”: It has proven to be “the best institutional mechanism for Hong Kong and Macau and must be adhered to in the long term”. Both “enjoy high autonomy” and are “administered by patriots.” Xi promised to better integrate both into national strategies.

Taiwan reunification: Xi made a pledge to complete the reunification of China. Translation: return Taiwan to the motherland. That was met with a torrent of applause, leading to the key message, addressed simultaneously to the Chinese nation and “foreign interference” forces: “We will not renounce the use of force and will take all necessary measures to stop all separatist movements.” The bottom line: “The resolution of the Taiwan issue is a matter for the Chinese people themselves, to be decided by the Chinese people.”

It’s also quite telling that Xi did not even mention Xinjiang by name: only by implication, when he stressed that China must strengthen the unity of all ethnic groups. Xinjiang for Xi and the leadership mean industrialization of the Far West and a crucial node in BRI: not the object of an imperial demonization campaign. They know that the CIA destabilization tactics used in Tibet for decades did not work in Xinjiang.

Shelter from the storm

Now let’s unpack some of the variables affecting the very tough years ahead for the CPC.

When Xi mentioned “fierce storms ahead”, that’s what he thinks about 24/7: Xi is convinced the USSR collapsed because the Hegemon did everything to undermine it. He won’t allow a similar process to derail China.

In the short term, the “storm” may refer to the latest round of the no holds barred American war on Chinese technology – not to mention free trade: cutting China off from buying or manufacturing chips and components for supercomputers.

It’s fair to consider Beijing keeps the focus long-term, betting that most of the world, especially the Global South, will move away from the U.S. high tech supply chain and prefer the Chinese market. As the Chinese increasingly become self sufficient, U.S. tech firms will end up losing world markets, economies of scale, and competitiveness.

Xi also did not mention the U.S. by name. Everyone in the leadership – especially the new Politburo – is aware of how Washington wants to “decouple” from China in every possible way and will continue to provocatively deploy every possible strand of hybrid war.

Xi did not enter into details during his speech, but it’s clear the driving force going forward will be technological innovation linked to a global vision. That’s where BRI comes in, again – as the privileged field of application for these tech breakthroughs.

Only this way we can understand how Zhu Guangyao, a former vice minister of finance, may be sure that per capita GDP in China in 2035 would at least double the numbers in 2019 and reach $20,000.

The challenge for Xi and the new Politburo right away is to fix China’s structural economic imbalance. And pumping up debt-financed “investment” all over again won’t work.

So bets can be made that Xi’s third term – to be confirmed later this week – will have to concentrate on rigorous planning and monitoring of implementation, much more than during his previous bold, ambitious, abrasive but sometimes disconnected years. The Politburo will have to pay way more attention to technical considerations. Xi will have to delegate more serious policymaking autonomy to a bunch of competent technocrats.

Otherwise, we will be back to that startling observation by then Premier Wen Jiabao in 2007: China’s economy is “unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and ultimately unsustainable”. That’s exactly where the Hegemon wants it to be.

As it stands, things are far from gloomy. The National Development and Reform Commission states that compared to the rest of the world, China’s consumer inflation is only “marginal”; the job market is steady; and international payments are stable.

Xi’s work report and pledges may also be seen as turning the usual Anglo-American geopolitical suspects – Mackinder, Mahan, Spykman, Brzezinski – upside down.

The China-Russia strategic partnership has no time to lose with global hegemonic games; what drives them is that sooner rather than later they will be ruling the Heartland – the world island – and beyond, with allies from the Rimland, and from Africa to Latin America, all participating in a new form of globalization. Certainly with Chinese characteristics; but most of all, pan-Eurasian characteristics. The final countdown is already on.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)

Pepe Escobar is a columnist at The Cradle, editor-at-large at Asia Times and an independent geopolitical analyst focused on Eurasia. Since the mid-1980s he has lived and worked as a foreign correspondent in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Singapore and Bangkok. He is the author of countless books; his latest one is Raging Twenties.

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Thailand: US-backed Opposition’s Violence Intimidates Critics, Paves Way for Regime Change

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Brian Berletic

Thailand: US-backed Opposition's Violence Intimidates Critics, Paves Way for Regime Change

The most complete analytical dossier on recent events in Thailand, by a truly credible witness.

กรุณาเปิดแคปชั่นใน YouTube (CC) แล้วกดเลือกภาษาไทย (Thai subtitles available)

The US-backed opposition in Thailand replicates in many ways the violence and intimidation the US sponsored in Ukraine from 2014 onward - just as Ukraine is meant as a proxy against Russia - a US client regime in Thailand would transform the country into a proxy against China. An alarming incident of violence where a Thai opposition leader publicly assaulted his critic is dangerously being portrayed as "heroic" by Western-sponsored opposition media to encourage further violence and intimidation - creating the same division and destruction throughout Thai society that is currently consuming Ukraine.

References: Land Destroyer (The New Atlas) - The Complete Guide: US Government Role in Thailand's "Student Protests": https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/20...
The New Atlas - Why is Washington Backing Violent Mobs in Thailand?:

NOTE: Brian Berletic (The New Atlas / Land Destroyer) produces these articles literally risking his life. Please support his work as much as you can!

The Complete Guide: US Government Role in Thailand's "Student

SOURCE: Land Destroyer
ภาษาไทย: เหตุผลที่ "อเมริกา" อยู่เบื้องหลังการ "ชุมนุม"

Virtually every aspect of "student protests" in Thailand are funded and backed by the US and aimed at destabilizing a key partner of China, reversing Thai-Chinese relations, and advancing Washington's Beijing containment policy. 

  • Thailand is a key partner of China's and has pivoted toward Beijing at Washington's expense;
  • Protesters are backed by pro-US billionaire-led opposition parties;
  • US-backed billionaire-led opposition vowed months ago to "take to the streets;"
  • US government funds core protest leader Anon Nampa via National Endowment for Democracy (NED);
  • US also funds orgs trying to "rewrite" Thailand's constitution;
  • US funds fake news fronts posing as "independent journalism;"
  • Despite "pro-human rights" slant, opposition parties are led by worst human rights offenders in Thai history. 

August 19, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) - The Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand has tilted too far toward China for Washington's liking. 

The country - with nearly 70 million people and the second largest economy in Southeast Asia - counts China as its biggest trade partner, its largest source of foreign direct investment, the largest source of tourism with China providing more tourists per year than all Western nations combined, and a key partner in developing infrastructure including the already under-construction China-Laos-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore high-speed rail link that will only further cement these ties. 

Thailand is also replacing its aging US military hardware with Chinese alternatives including Chinese-made main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, naval vessels including the Kingdom's first modern submarines, and jointly developed projects like the DTI-1 multiple rocket launcher system. Thailand and China have also conducted joint military exercises in recent years. 

To reverse this trend - the United States is attempting to destabilize Thailand politically and economically - topple the current government and place into power a political opposition led by abusive billionaires who have specifically vowed to roll back Thai-Chinese relations. 

This has manifested in protests the Western corporate media has claimed are "student-led" and "organic" despite what are clearly centrally led protests with easily identifiable leaders tied directly to US government funding. 

The protests are leveraging a nation-wide network created by US government organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID, and other funding mechanisms to overwrite Thailand's indigenous institutions with Western-style alternatives across Thailand educational, labor, media, and political spaces. 

The protests also have direct ties to US-backed opposition parties including those of fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra's Pheu Thai Party and corrupt billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit of Future Forward/Move Forward Party and even foreign opposition movements the US is funding in China's territories of Taiwan and Hong Kong

Thailand's US-backed Billionaire-led Opposition

Thailand's political opposition - while portrayed by the Western media as "progressive liberals," is in fact run by two corrupt billionaires. 

One - Thaksin Shinawatra - is a convicted criminal who currently hides abroad as a fugitive. Despite this - he still openly runs his political party Pheu Thai - as New York Times would note in their 2013 article, "Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand Wields Influence from Afar." 

Thaksin also runs a number of nominee parties operating in lockstep with Pheu Thai - including Future Forward/Move Forward Party headed by fellow billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit. 

Image: US, British, and European embassy staff regularly accompanied pro-Western billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit when facing charges for his various corruption and sedition cases.

Image: Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit had attempted to distance himself from Thaksin Shinawatra's Pheu Thai Party during an FCCT event in Bangkok before the 2019 elections - but admitted he had voted for it and attended their rallies. His party's platform is identical to Pheu Thai's, his party headquarters literally next door to theirs, and Pheu Thai eventually, literally nominated him as their pick for PM. Pheu Thai and Future Forward have functioned as an indistinguishable opposition front ever since.

Thaksin had served as Thai prime minister from 2001-2006 and openly and repeatedly served US interests at the expense of Thailand's own best interests.

These ties and interests included:  

  • In the late 1990's, Thaksin was an adviser to notorious private equity firm, the Carlyle Group. He pledged to his foreign contacts that upon taking office, he would still serve as a "matchmaker" between the US equity fund and Thai businesses. It would represent the first of many compromising conflicts of interest that would undermine Thailand's sovereign under his rule.
  • Thaksin was Thailand's prime minister from 2001-2006. Has since dominated the various reincarnations of his political party - and still to this day runs the country by proxy, via his nepotist appointed sister, Yingluck Shinawatra. 
Since being ousted from power in a 2006 military coup, Thaksin Shinawatra has been represented by US corporate-financier interests via lobbying firms including, Kenneth Adelman of the Edelman PR firm (Freedom HouseInternational Crisis Group,PNAC), James Baker of Baker BottsRobert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers (BGR)Kobre & KimBell Pottinger (and here) and most recently by Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners.

Ahead of Thailand's 2019 elections Thaksin Shinawatra would create a myriad of nominee political parties in the event one or more of his core parties were disbanded by courts for the obvious fact he is a fugitive and those acting on his behalf are aiding and abetting a criminal. 

This included Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit's Future Forward Party (now renamed Move Forward) whose headquarters is literally next door to Thaksin's Pheu Thai HQ on Phetchaburi Road, Bangkok. 
Both parties hold joint press conferences, have identical political platforms, and Thaksin's Pheu Thai even nominated Thanathorn as their candidate for prime minister following the 2019 elections - as Bangkok Post in their article, "Pheu Thai offered Thanathorn nomination for PM's post," reported. 

US-backed Billionaire-led Party Has Anti-Chinese Foreign Policy Platform 

Thanathorn - the heir of his parents billion dollar autoparts manufacturing fortune and before entering politics helped bust unions at his family's factory - maintained an anti-Chinese foreign policy platform during his 2019 election campaign.

Articles like Bloomberg's "Thailand needs hyperloop, not China-built high-speed rail: Thanathorn," illustrates clearly the agenda US-backed political parties and leaders like Thanathorn represent - particularly in rolling back Thai-Chinese relations. The article would note:

A tycoon turned politician who opposes Thailand’s military government has criticised its US$5.6 billion high-speed rail project with China because hyperloop technology offers a more modern alternative.

It should be noted that not only does the "hyperloop" exist only as crude prototypes versus China's high-speed rail technology already moving billions of people a year - the Thai-Chinese high-speed rail line is already under construction with a new grand station nearing completion built specifically to serve as, among other things, a terminal for Chinese-built high-speed trains.  .


Image: Thailand's massive Bang Sue Grand Station nears completion and will serve as a terminal for Chinese-built high-speed trains.

Thus - Thanathorn's proposed "alternative" would mean cancelling actual ongoing construction and waiting years if not indefinitely for theoretical "hyperloop" technology to be developed let alone deployed. In other words - Thanathorn would cancel an important infrastructure project that would greatly expand the movement of goods and people across Asia, just to spite China on Washington's behalf and leave Thailand with absolutely nothing except PowerPoint presentations as an alternative.  

Image: Thanathorn ran in 2019 on a platform that included cancelling Thai-Chinese rail projects in favor of the nonexistent "hyperloop." It was a proposed policy that would have served only Washington's interests at Thailand and China's expense.

He has also openly criticized Thailand's attempts to modernize its military via arms deals with China, with his party co-founder even defending proposed military budget cuts by claiming," "in today's world, no one engages in wars any more."
US-backed Billionaire Vowed to Take to Streets Just Months Ahead of "Organic Protests"

Just months ago - after losing the 2019 elections by millions of votes and his party being disbanded for blatant election law violations - Thanathorn vowed to take his pursuit of power to the streets.

Thai PBS' article, "Thanathorn vows to bring people onto streets after rally in downtown Bangkok," would note as early as December 2019 that:

Addressing the demonstrators, Thanathorn said the rally was just a harbinger of more political activities against the Prayut government.  He threatened to “bring people to the streets...”

Many of the protesters and organizations present during rallies openly led by Thanathorn are now the very same ones leading current protests. And while Thanathorn is not leading the protests from the front in order to maintain the illusion they are "student-led," they have adopted his "3-finger salute" and he openly eggs them on through the media his family owns and personally on social media through his official public account.

Members of Thaksin and Thanathorn's political parties regularly attend and directly participate in recent protests.

Mobs that billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit vowed to put into the streets just months prior are finally here and receiving widespread support from the same Western media organizations, embassies, and fronts that backed his and Thaksin's bid for power during the 2019 elections.

US Government Funds Core Protest Leader Anon Nampa

While these billionaire-led opposition parties push the protests from behind politically and through media concerns they own in the country - the protests themselves are led by an army of US-funded fronts posing as "nongovernmental organizations."

The most prominent of these is "Thai Lawyers for Human Rights" (TLHR) whose staff member - Anon Nampa - is openly a member of the protest's core leadership.

TLHR's US government funding was openly displayed on the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) website in 2014.

Its name has since been removed from NED's website but continues to receive US funding through the NED via the "Union for Civil Liberty" (UCL) of which it is a member.

The UCL is still listed on NED's current webpage for programs it funds in Thailand. TLHR is listed as a member of UCL on its official website next to other recipients of US NED funding including the Cross Cultural Foundation, the Human Rights Lawyers Association, and the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL).

Before TLHR and its members began leading rallies - founding members admitted TLHR is entirely funded by foreign governments.

Even the Bangkok Post previously reported this - despite apparently "forgetting" this fact more recently in its reporting.

The Bangkok Post in a 2016 article titled, "The lawyer preparing to defend herself," would admit (emphasis added):

...[TLHR] receives all its funding from international donors including the EU, Germany and US-based human rights organisations and embassies of the UK and Canada.

Thus, a front posing as "pro-democracy" and representative of the Thai people receives none of its support from people actually living in Thailand and instead - from foreign capitals with obvious ulterior motives.

In addition to an award presented by the French Embassy, the US State Department awarded TLHR member Sirikan “June” Charoensiri the 2018 "International Women of Courage Award" presented by US First Lady Melania Trump.

The US embassy in Bangkok openly praised TLHR in its own post celebrating the award, exclaiming:

The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok is proud of Sirikan “June” Charoensiri’s work as a lawyer and human rights defender, and for being recognized by the Secretary of State as an International Women of Courage award recipient.

Ms. Sirikan is a co-founder of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), a lawyers’ collective set up to provide pro bono legal services for human rights cases and to document human rights violations.

Thus - an organization carefully cultivated by the US government for years - propped up financially and politically and even awarded for carrying out Washington's agenda in Thailand - is now leading protests aimed at overthrowing the elected government of Thailand.

Anon Nampa shares the stage with likewise compromised "student leaders" of the "Student Union of Thailand" (SUT) - who are open supporters of Thailand's US-backed billionaire-led opposition parties and enthusiastic supporters of US-funded unrest in Hong Kong.
One of the founders of SUT - Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak - has visited the US Embassy at least twice and specifically to meet US Ambassador Glyn Davies - a US National War College graduate who studied, "non-military instruments in persuasive, inducement, and coercive strategies."

Image: Rangsima Rome used to protest side-by-side US-funded agitator Anon Nampa before "graduating" into billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit's political party Future Forward/Move Forward as a member of parliament. Claims that protests are not a function of the billionaire-led opposition are clearly false.


Some of these "student protesters" have even "graduated" into Thanathorn's Future Forward/Move Forward political party - including Rangsima Rome who used to regularly lead protests side-by-side with Anon Nampa. He still regularly attends protests and provides direct support for leaders including offering transportation - the Bangkok Post would admit.

Others supporting the unrest are students and academics indoctrinated through US State Department programs including the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) and scores of "workshops" run by USAID and other US entities across Thai schools and university campuses each year.

Finally there are organizations attempting to appear as representative of the nation's rural poor, including fronts like Assembly of the Poor - joining the protests.  
Assembly of the Poor has regularly protested against the current Thai government and has more recently pledged to lend its support to any future mass protests in Bangkok.

However - it too is funded by the US government via the NED. On the NED's official website an organization called "Thai Poor Act" has been listed for years, receiving millions of Thai Baht in funding. Its funding falls under a section titled, "Supporting Grassroots Engagement in Promoting Democracy," which is precisely what Assembly of the Poor claims to do. 

Upon searching for "Thai Poor Act" only one discussed Facebook page and a YouTube channel with only one video turns up. 
But in that one single YouTube video in a channel clearly named "Thai Poor Act," the text "Assembly of the Poor presents" appears rather than "Thai Poor Act." 
The current leader of Assembly of the Poor is Baramee Chaiyarat - who had previously signed a document titled, "Incorporation Contract of Establishment of a Body of Individuals" for the US government-funded "Thai Poor Act" in 2011 with Baraemee listed as "manager."

The document was posted on the now disused "Thai Poor Act" Facebook page and further proves that Thai Poor Act and Assembly of the Poor are the same organizations, led by the same Baramee Chaiyarat - and funded by the US government via the NED.

US Government Funds Orgs Trying to "Rewrite" Thailand's Constitution 

If Russia was funding an NGO in the US petitioning for the US Constitution to be rewritten - and rewritten specifically to make it easier for Russian-backed politicians to get elected into the US government - one could expect an immediate and extreme backlash across the media exposing this.

Yet in Thailand where US government-funded groups are doing precisely this in regards to the Thai constitution - the media not only conceals US funding, it spins the move as "pro-democratic."

English language newspaper The Nation in an article titled, "iLaw launches petition for charter rewrite," would claim:

The Internet Law Reform Dialogue (iLaw), a human rights NGO, has launched a campaign seeking signatures from 50,000 voters to sponsor a motion for a Constitution rewrite.

No where in The Nation's article is mentioned that iLaw's primary source of income is the US government via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) - a notorious US government arm involved in political interference and regime change operations around the globe.
The organization's US government funding can be found on NED's official website under the name, "Internet Law Reform Dialogue" (iLaw).

On iLaw's own website under "About Us" it admits:

Between 2009 and  2014 iLaw has received funding support from the Open Society Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and a one-time support grant from Google.

Between 2015 to present iLaw receives funding from funders as listed below1. Open Society Foundation (OSF)2. Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBF)3. National Endowment for Democracy (NED)4. Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR)5. American Jewish World Servic (AJWS)6. One-time support donation from Google and other independent donors

A foreign-funded organization - an organization that would not exist without this foreign funding - petitioning for Thailand's very constitution to be rewritten is not only a clear cut case of conflict of interests and foreign political meddling - it undermines the very foundation and fundamentals of democracy and self-determination.

Democracy and self-determination means that Thailand's constitution and efforts to either maintain or amend it should be determined solely by the Thai people - not by Washington and fronts it funds like iLaw.

Image: "ConLab" works with US government-funded iLaw to rewrite Thailand's constitution. Here it holds a recent event at the US Embassy's "American Corner" at Chiang Mai University. Large format professionally printed ConLab and iLaw banners can be seen at virtually every university protest across the country illustrating the direct role US-funded fronts play in organizing and directing anti-government unrest.

Other groups working to rewrite Thailand's constitution include "ConLab" or "Constitution Lab" (only on Facebook) who do so in partnership with US government-funded iLaw and which recently held an event at the US Embassy's "American Corner" at Chiang Mai University.

The rewritten constitution aims specifically to remove sections meant solely to prevent Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxies from returning to power. Thus iLaw's US-funded activities would make it easier for US-backed opposition parties to retake power and help the US reverse Thailand's growing ties with China.

US Government Funds Fake News Fronts Posing as "Independent Journalism" Supporting Protests 

There are also a number of fake news websites funded by the US government and providing decidedly lopsided coverage of the ongoing protests including Prachatai.

Prachatai receives millions of Thai Baht a year from the US government to advance narratives that divide and destabilize Thailand and promote US interests within Thai borders. It is also an echo chamber for US State Department talking points including US policy regarding the Mekong River, the South China Sea, and other opposition fronts the US backs in the region.

It is listed on the US NED's official website under the name "Foundation for Community Educational Media," which appears at the very bottom of Prachatai's website.

The media front's "executive director" Chiranuch Premchaiporn is also a "fellow" of the National Endowment for Democracy -  an organization chaired by representatives not of promoting democracy and human rights - but inveterate pro-war proponents and actual war criminals like Elliot Abrams, propagandists like Anne Applebaum, and representatives of America's arms, oil, and banking sectors.

Prachatai's activities include promoting and defending opposition groups and parties the US seeks to place into power. It has recently served as a central platform promoting ongoing unrest, protesters' demands, and attempting to build legitimacy around all three while omitting any mention of documented foreign funding or ulterior motives involved.

Prachatai has in the past and still currently hides its US government funding. A partial disclosure made in 2011 is buried on its English website and has not been updated since. No financial disclosure at all has been made on its Thai language website.

Prachatai also supplied at least one member of its staff - Nalutporn Krairisksh - as a "founding member" of billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit's Future Forward Party. Prachatai even "interviewed" her regarding her role as a Future Forward co-founder but never disclosed her relationship with Prachatai or the fact that she still worked out of their offices in Huay Kwang, Bangkok even after joining Future Forward.

The conflicts of interest are numerous and alarming - but also being entirely unmentioned or even covered up. It is impropriety that should help further illustrate the true nature of Thailand's so-called "opposition" and undermine dishonest or naive claims that US interference in Thailand is not a serious problem.

In fact - the easiest way to illustrate how what the National Endowment for Democracy does is wrong, is to note how if any other country did what it does, inside the US, it would be considered an act of war.

The US has leveled sanctions on both China and Russia over mere accusations of similar behavior it has yet to prove with evidence and has used claims of Chinese and Russian interference in Western affairs as impetus to place troops on Russia's boarders and sail warships off China's shores.

Yet it openly interferes abroad in ways many times worse in reality than it baselessly claims others are doing within its own borders.

The Human Rights Racket

Despite the current protests making "human rights" a central theme of their rallies - their sponsor Thaksin Shinawatra holds the odious title of worst human rights violator in Thai history.

The protesters themselves are at least partially made up of Thaksin Shinawatra's "red shirt" street front - guilty of some of the worst street violence in Thailand's modern history.

In 2003, while Thaksin Shinawatra was in office he initiated what he called a "war on drugs." Nearly 3,000 were extrajudicially murdered in the streets over the course of just 90 days. It would later turn out that more than half of those killed had nothing to even do with the drug trade.

In 2004, he oversaw the killing of 85 protesters in a single day during his mishandled, heavy-handed policy in the country's troubled deep south. The atrocity is now referred to as the "Tak Bai incident."

Throughout his administration he was notorious for intimidating the press, and crushing dissent. According to Amnesty International, 18 human rights defenders were either assassinated or disappeared during his first term in office. Among them was human rights activist and lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit. He was last seen in 2004 being arrested by police and never seen again. 

Somchai's disappearance under Thaksin Shinawatra's regime is particularly ironic - with protesters today now carrying his portrait around in an attempt to insinuate the current government is somehow responsible for his disappearance 16 years ago.

Also throughout Thaksin's administration, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) claimed in its report, "Attacks on the Press 2004: Thailand" that the regime was guilty of financial interference, legal intimidation, and coercion of the press.

While Western human rights fronts studiously documented Thaksin Shinawatra's abuses while he was in power - it was only as a means of leverage to keep him and his policies in line with Washington's agenda - similar to their relationship with pro-US dictatorships like Saudi Arabia. 
These same rights organizations have now collectively "forgotten" these violations as they attempt to pressure the current government to step down - paving the way for Thaksin and his proxies to return to power and resume their abuses.

The Western media still writes entire articles about Thaksin Shinawatra and his role in Thai politics - including this piece from last year in the Washington Post - never once mentioning the thousands put to death under his regime. 

Worse still - organizations like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others are deliberately fabricating claims about the current government while misrepresenting abuses they previously attributed to Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters to paint the current government in as negative a light as possible. 
Thanathorn "The Billionaire Commoner" and his History of Union Busting
It should be pointed out that Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit - while so far clean of abuses like mass murder - had a history of union busting at his family's Thai Summit factories - making his current portrayal as a "progressive liberal" or as CNN once referred to him - the "billionaire commoner" - particularly absurd. 

According to, IndustriALL Global Union, Thanathorn's union-busting included in 2007: 

...the unjust dismissal of ten union members, obstruction of workers' right to freedom of association through threats, intimidation and harassment, and failure of the company to respect the right of workers to collectively bargain.

The statement noted that among workers' demands were that Thanathorn's Thai Summit, "[cease] and [desist] from any further threats, harassment or intimidation of workers and union members."

And in 2010 according to, Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights, Thanathorn's union-busting included:

...a systematic pattern of obstruction and violation of the worker rights to form and join a union.

The report also noted that:

Over 400 Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard workers had joined the Ford and Mazda Thailand Workers’ Union in November 2006 but were harassed and coerced until all union members had resigned under duress. 

It is particularly ironic and telling that mobs Thanathorn now backs are demanding the government not "intimidate them" - echoing demands made by workers in Thanathorn's family's factories - demands that, under his leadership, were ignored for years.
While the US clearly backs his bid for power - US-funded groups posing as rights advocates were forced to pay lip service to his past abuses - but only once, and with little fanfare.

Phil Robertson- Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch's Asia Division questioned Thanathorn in a tucked-away response to a social media post, asking: 

I'd be interested in hearing your take on Summit Group's continuous anti-union stance that has seen auto workers fired for exercising their rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining! Ask Thailand Auto Workers Federation what they think. End union busting now! 

Unlike pressure HRW places on Thanathorn's opponents both on their official website and throughout the Western media daily - Robertson's feigned concern started and ended with a single anemic social media reply 2 years ago utterly ignored, un-liked, and un-retweeted even by other colleagues at HRW. 
It is the same sort of concerted propaganda campaign and feigned, selective concern over human rights the US, UK, and EU have used to undermine and destroy nations like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and many others. 
Common Sense
The presence of large expensive stages, sound systems, massive diesel generators, spotlights, professionally mass-produced signs and t-shirts, and trucks providing logistics are all features of a centrally led, well-funded protest - not spontaneous "student protests." 

Image: Nice stage. Nice sound system. Who paid for it? Students? The Western media doesn't ask.

That the media claims otherwise but refuses to name organizations and political parties involved - while never investigating or disclosing their funding and foreign ties - illustrates wide scale media complicity and just how large and powerful the special interests - not students - are who are organizing these protests. 
While many claim US involvement is somehow "not bad," it should be pointed out that literally nowhere on Earth where the US has intervened has turned out "well." 
Nations from Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt in North Africa, to Ukraine and Serbia in Eastern Europe, to Iraq, Syria, and Yemen in the Middle East, to Afghanistan in Central Asia to Hong Kong in China - everywhere the US has interfered has led to death, destruction, division, destabilization, and chaos.
There is also the fact that real democracy is a process of self-determination - where a nation's political future is decided by the people within its borders - not by a foreign capital thousands of miles away. 
In addition to vast amounts of documented evidence the US is behind these protests and that their true agenda is to hinder, not help Thailand and bring about setbacks for wider Asia - basic common sense should help global audiences see through tired lies the Western media has repeatedly used to set up and destroy one nation after another in region after region of the planet. 
Thailand is just the next in line and is in no way going to be the "first" nation the US meddles in that turns out "well." 

UPDATES: This article was updated on August 23, 2020 to include evidence that the so-called "Assembly of the Poor" is also indeed funded by the US NED. 

This article was updated on September 11, 2020 to include information about Student Union of Thailand (SUT) Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak's visits to the US Embassy. The US NED chart depicting Thai programs it funds has also been updated to include Assembly of the Poor.  

Brian Berletic (aka James Cartalucci / Land Destroyer) is a brave American journalist and former Marine currently residing in Thailand. His video channel New Atlas offers extensive and timely analysis on world events, focusing on the clash of civilisations between the US empire and the emergent multipolar Eurasian bloc led by China, Russia and Iran .

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^3000US citizens have no real political representation.

We don't live in a democracy. And our freedom is disappearing fast.

I don't want to be ruled by hypocrites, whores, and war criminals.

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How a U.S. Colony Works: The Case of Germany

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First published on October 4, 2022

On 15 July 2022, Britain’s Reuters news agency headlined “70% of Germans back Ukraine despite high energy prices, survey shows”, and reported that “Some 70% of those polled backed Germany’s support for Ukraine, … found the survey conducted between July 12-14 by broadcaster ZDF.” ZDF is funded by the German Government — German taxpayers. 

Germany’s AfD Party is one of the two Parties in Germany that are less than enthusiastically backing Germany’s anti-Russia position, the other such Party being “Die Linke” or “The Left” Party, which is Germany’s only socialist democratic Party, despite West Germany’s “Social Democratic Party” calling itself “democratic socialist” while being neither. 

The AfD Party issued a press release, on 25 August 2022, “Stephan Brandner: Skandalöse „Politische Filter“ beeinflussen NDR-Berichterstattung” or “Stephan Brandner: Scandalous ‘political filters’ influence NDR reporting.” It reported that Mr. Brandner, who is an AfD Member of the German Parliament, said that

After the self-service affair about the now hated RBB director Schlesinger, reminiscent of feudal structures, an online magazine now reports that employees on North German radio complain about ‘political filters’ from their superiors. According to the report …, public service broadcasting executives act like ‘ministerial press officers’. … 

As an AfD politician I am not surprised. After all, ARD and ZDF only report on the AfD with a ‘political filter’ and, for example, no longer invite AfD politicians to talk shows. … Compulsory contributions [by taxpayers, to ‘public broadcasting’] should be abolished.

Mr. Brandner provided no evidence for any of his allegations. (That’s the way politics is in a dictatorship. How can the public vote intelligently if they are routinely accepting allegations that are being made without supplying documentation? That’s a dictatorship by lies and liars, and no democracy-capable public would accept it. In science, what is not documented to be true is assumed to be false — not assumed to be true. A democratic country operates on the basis of science, not on the basis of faith.)

However, this doesn’t mean that Mr. Brandner’s allegations there are necessarily false. One reason why they could very well be true is that there are six Parties in Germany, and the current governing coalition consists of the three that take the hardest line against Russia, and for America, and for the post-2014, U.S.coup, anti-Russian, Ukrainian Government. The ruling coalition, those three Parties, are called the “traffic-light coalition”, and include the rabidly neoconservative (or pro-U.S.-empire) anti-Russian Green Party, plus the U.S. Democratic Party-allied so-called “Social Democratic Party,” plus the rabidly libertarian or “neoliberal” (pro-free-market, anti-regulation, and generally U.S.-Republican-Party-allied) Free Democratic Party; and they EXCLUDE (or give the red light to, and prevent from participating in the Government) the three least-anti-Russian Parties, which are The Left Party (the authentic democratic socialists, or progressives, ideologically opposed to any imperialism), the AfD Party (nationalists), and the U.S.-Republican-Party-allied CDU/CSU Christian Democratic and Christian Social Union Party. 

Brandner raised an important question, without providing any evidence regarding its solution. But here are some relevant facts, regarding the extent to which Germany’s Government tolerates corruption (which includes corruptness of a Government and of its ‘news’-media):

On 14 December 2021, I did an analysis comparing the anti-corruption laws in three nations, and headlined “Political Corruption in U.S., Germany, and Russia”. I concluded that 

Although this is a very incomplete indicator of a country’s corruptness, it does present the U.S. in a very favorable light, and present Germany (11 out of 12 “No”s [meaning no law against corruption]) as being rather astoundingly corrupt. Russia is midway between those two, perhaps because after Yeltsin’s abominable rule, Putin cleaned up Russia’s Government, but a lot of that job still remains undone, even after 21 years.

Germany’s Government was more shaped by Truman than perhaps any in the world except America’s own Government. But, from the present indicator, America’s vassal nations would appear to be even more corrupt than the imperial center, the U.S., itself, is — at least insofar as their political campaign-finance laws (“what’s written in black and white” in the lawbooks) are concerned.

Here was the summary, specifically regarding Germany:

Following here will be answers that are solidly grounded in the written laws of each of these three countries (though not necessarily reflecting how those laws are enforced — or not), regarding the 12 most clearly important questions that were studied. I present those dozen questions in the order that seems to me to provide the clearest sequence in order for the reader to interpret them, not in the order that was employed by the source:


“8. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to candidates?” “There are no explicit provisions regarding donations to candidates.”

“2. Is there a ban on donations from foreign interests to candidates?” “There are no explicit provisions regarding donations to candidates.”

“18. Is there a limit on the amount a donor can contribute to a candidate?” “There are no explicit provisions regarding donations to candidates.”

“10. Is there a ban on donations from corporations with government contracts to candidates?” “There are no explicit provisions regarding donations to candidates.”

“4. Is there a ban on corporate donations to candidates?” “There are no explicit provisions regarding donations to candidates.”

“6. Is there a ban on donations from Trade Unions to candidates?” “There are no explicit provisions regarding donations to candidates.”

“5. Is there a ban on donations from Trade Unions to political parties?” “There are [is] no explicit … ban on donations from Trade Unions to political parties”

“3. Is there a ban on corporate donations to political parties?” “Ban on donation from corporate bodies, but accepted if it is a business enterprise, of whose shares more than 50 per cent of shares are owned by Germans …”

“9. Is there a ban on donations from corporations with government contracts to political parties?” “No.”

“14. Is there a limit on the amount a donor can contribute to a political party during a non-election specific period?” “No.”

“16. Is there a limit on the amount a donor can contribute to a political party during an election?” “No.”

“27. Are there provisions requiring donations to go through the banking system?” “No.”

Consequently, Brandner’s allegations might be expected to be true, simply because Germany, especially after the U.S. Government blew up the Russian gas pipelines to Germany and yet Germany’s Government continues to be a U.S. vassal-nation, despite that U.S. act of war against both Germany and Russia. This indicates Germany’s Government to be extremely corrupt, willing to ditch its own population in order to please its U.S. masters.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse's new book, AMERICA'S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler's Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world's wealth by control of not only their 'news' media but the social 'sciences' — duping the public.

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The views expressed herein are solely those of the author and may or may not reflect those of The Greanville Post. However, we do think they are important enough to be transmitted to a wider audience.


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Up to You.

^3000US citizens have no real political representation.

We don't live in a democracy. And our freedom is disappearing fast.

I don't want to be ruled by hypocrites, whores, and war criminals.

What about you? Time to push back against the corporate oligarchy.

And its multitude of minions and lackeys.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License


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