Climate Catastrophe and Extinction Rebellion

PAUL STREET—I rely on climate scientists to crunch the time-series numbers on planetary warming and what they are telling us is not good, to say the least. We are at an oak tree tipping point for the house of humanity.  It’s the biggest issue of our or any time. As Noam Chomsky told Occupy Boston 8 years ago, if the environmental catastrophe led by global warming isn’t averted in the next few decades, then nothing else we progressives, egalitarians, and peaceniks care about is going to matter.


Wake up, spread the word, we’re all needed, including YOU! (Print and use this as a leaflet!)

ERIC SCHECHTER—The fact that we are ruled by the rich wouldn’t be so bad if they were actually unified, like in conspiracy theories such as the Illuminati. At least then the handful of people at the top would say to each other, “we few who secretly own this world should take steps to preserve it, so that we and our children can continue to live in luxury on our ill-gotten gains.” No such luck. They are not unified. Each one of them would gladly stab another in the back and steal his stuff if given the opportunity. Each one of them is saying to himself, “I just want to make a quick buck; I’ll leave it to someone else to clean up the mess.” And so the mess keeps getting worse. In particular, the oil companies (like the tobacco companies) knowingly lied for decades about the ill effects of their product.


Phil Farruggio interviews Peter Koenig

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—I just interviewed former World Bank staff member and  geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig via telephone at his home in Geneva. Koenig had just returned from South America , a place where he has travelled to many times . One of the issues that he is very passionate about is the agenda by ( so called ) world health and finance organizations to privatize water… especially drinking water!  He understands how dangerous it is to allow private for profit companies to control our drinking water, whereupon the old saying of ‘ Profit over People’ rings so true. This all made this writer think of when I  turned  on C-Span a few short years ago and caught the congressional hearing on the Flint water crisis. It  made me so angry that I  wanted to scream out loud!: ‘ You morons!  Why  is there no one there who will connect the dots!?’