Freedom Rider: Yellow Vests Show the Way

MARGARET KIMBERLEY—Likewise, French foreign policy remains abysmal, a vestige of the imperialism that oppressed people all over the world. If Macron isn’t lecturing Africans who are still under France’s economic and military thumb he is joining in attacks on Syria. One of his predecessors, Nicolas Sarkozy, took millions of dollars from Muammar Gaddafi and then helped to assassinate him. That duplicity can only be described as gangster and that mentality hasn’t left the French state.


CNN again beating war drums over imaginary Russian aggression

PATRICE GREANVILLE—This is what CNN does all the time, along with most of the US media: beat the war drums against the enemy du jour, usually Russia, but now as the list grows ever longer, Iran and of course China, the rising global power.

Trump is a disgrace, and few could argue the matter of peace and war is safe in his hands, given his well documented capricious, not to mention ignorant and narcissist ego, and his enormous contradictions resulting in sudden zig-zags in stated policy, but, curiously, he’s also the only major political figure in America that consistently—and to many perhaps inexplicably—pooh poohs and derails the Deep State’s constant push for imperial adventures and the drift to total war. The latter is what is normally described in the US National Security State peanut gallery as being a mature statesman, or “acting like a true President”.


Thanking vets for their “service” – why?

THE SAKER—Nope! These are all excellent reasons to feel compassion and sympathy for veterans, yes. But not gratitude. There is a huge difference here. Everybody, every human, and I strongly believe every creature deserves compassion and sympathy. But it is one thing to say “I feel compassion for you” and quite another to say “thank you for what you did” because that implies that the deed was a moral, good, ethical deed, and that is entirely false.