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Joaquin Flores is a Mexican-American expat based in Belgrade. He is a full-time analyst and director at the Center for Syncretic Studies, a public geostrategic think-tank and consultancy firm, as well as the co-editor of Fort Russ news service. His expertise encompasses Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and he has a strong proficiency in Middle East affairs. Flores is particularly adept at analyzing ideology and the role of mass psychology, as well as the methods of the information war in the context of 4GW and New Media. He is a political scientist educated at California State University. In the US, he worked for a number of years as a labor union organizer, chief negotiator, and strategist for a major trade union federation.

A Hot Summer in the Balkans

By Stevan Gajic – exclusive submission by the author, from Katehon – edited by Joaquin Flores REVISED AND EXPANDED BY PATRICE GREANVILLE Simulpost with Fort Russ [box type=”bio”] With several countries in the Balkans experiencing  instability, a


Perón on the death of Che

Few men become more radical as they grow old, but apparently Perón was one of them.  Posted on November 4, 2011by AnonAF EDITOR SPONSORING POST: JOAQUIN FLORES | OPEN REVOLT “Comrades! have received with deep sorrow