Facebook: The global censor

ANDRE DAMON—Zuckerberg boasts that Facebook is “removing millions of fake accounts every day,” and working “to identify misinformation and reduce its distribution.” Facebook has “built AI systems to automatically identify and remove content related to terrorism, hate speech and more before anyone even sees it.”


Gilets Jaunes: The End of Dystopia

ISRAEL SHAMIR—The American nationalist right is too law-abiding to achieve anything. They used some non-institutionalised violence against blacks, and even that was long time ago. They collect a lot of weapons but never use them against hard targets. They have lost their will to fight. Probably they won’t even defend their President Trump if he were to be removed from power. They have to join forces with some dynamic blacks who aren’t afraid to disobey authority, but for that, they must understand that their enemy is the liberal establishment, not the blacks or immigrants. The French far right had concentrated on the immigrants for too long a time, and failed to take a place and lead the protests.


The Sociopath as Hero

PAUL EDWARDS—American movie audiences have long loved violent heroes who, in morally iffy circumstances, cut through insoluble complexities of relentless evil by ending them in more or less justifiable murder.

In the more intelligent, ethical versions, these heroes are good men, trying to do the right thing until they run out of options and have to kill. It ends for them, not in triumph or exaltation, but in an emotional downdraft that looks much like regret or remorse.


Freedom Rider: Yellow Vests Show the Way

MARGARET KIMBERLEY—Likewise, French foreign policy remains abysmal, a vestige of the imperialism that oppressed people all over the world. If Macron isn’t lecturing Africans who are still under France’s economic and military thumb he is joining in attacks on Syria. One of his predecessors, Nicolas Sarkozy, took millions of dollars from Muammar Gaddafi and then helped to assassinate him. That duplicity can only be described as gangster and that mentality hasn’t left the French state.