Who I Am, Where I Stand, And What I’m Trying To Do Here

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—My writings are mostly non-ideological. This is because the enemy I am trying to attack is itself non-ideological; the agenda to thoroughly dominate and control as many human beings as possible is no more an ideology than a street mugging is. The unelected power establishment will promote the narratives of any ideology to any sector of the population in order to advance its agendas, including capitalism, socialism, white supremacy, Zionism, Christian or Islamic fundamentalism, conservatism or progressivism.


Matt Taibbi & the Unbearable Lightness of Liberals (Reposted/Revised)

P. GREANVILLE—For those who understand what’s really going on, how the liberal mainstream establishment has rolled out one of the most outrageous campaigns of defamation and putschist disinformation in modern history against both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, indeed a case without parallel in the entire history of US media, this particular Taibbi piece does not make for enjoyable reading. It is disingenuous, at best.


New climate change report: Impact of global warming “already being felt”

Since the Industrial Revolution, the techniques of advanced production have spread to every country of the globe. All countries contribute to the production of greenhouse gases and deforestation, which are the main drivers of climate change. As a result, any effort to halt rising worldwide temperatures must be inherently international to have any chance of success. Despite the claims of Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and their allies, no reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the borders of the United States would bring a halt to rising worldwide temperatures.


LEE CAMP: The California fires are being whitewashed. Your mainstream media is lying to you

LEE CAMP—  On this week’s Redacted Tonight: 

   – The California fires are being whitewashed. Your mainstream media is lying to you. 
   – Large-scale foreign influence has been proven in the midterm elections. You won’t believe which country did it. 
   – This week the Vatican actually STOPPED American bishops from doing something about child abuse. 
   – George W. Bush was given a prestigious medal of honor… by Joe Biden! You have to see it to believe it.