Interview with Maduro

PRESIDENT MADURO—The true nature of the brutal, despicable psychological media campaign, conducted by imperialist powers against Venezuela, has been demonstrated by serious investigators of the information. Of all the news published about Venezuela in U.S. and European media, 98% is negative. They are silent about our guaranteeing food for the people, as if bodies like the FAO had not recognized this. They make no mention of our distributing some 14 million toys to boys and girls in poor families. They say nothing of our provision of 2.5 million homes. They omit the fact that almost all of Venezuela’s population has access to quality medical assistance free of charge. We do not deny the problems in our country. On the contrary, we face them, discuss them with our people, and are determined to solve them. If the U.S. wants to help us, they can start by not being hypocrites.


Defense Secretary Mattis resigns amid Washington backlash over Syria troop withdrawal

BILL VAN AUKEN—The Democrats’ opposition to Trump is driven by US imperialism’s global interests and has nothing to do with the conditions confronting the working class, the overwhelming majority of the US population. Trump’s announcement of the Syrian troop withdrawal provoked an extraordinary backlash from the leadership of both his own Republican Party and the Democrats, as well as from the major media and state-connected Washington think tanks.


ACT 3 OF THE YELLOW VEST REVOLT – Vincent Lapierre Reports

VINCENT LAPIERRE—Saturday, December 1st will forever be engraved in French history. The “Yellow Vests”, i.e. French people who see right through the left-right divide, rose up and took over the Arc de Triomphe and other iconic places. We have here a “yellow revolt” – a pacifistic movement, sure, but over which the police had little control. Vincent Lapierre and the Média Pour Tous team were at the heart of the action that day. Follow them to see what happened.


The Sociopath as Hero

PAUL EDWARDS—American movie audiences have long loved violent heroes who, in morally iffy circumstances, cut through insoluble complexities of relentless evil by ending them in more or less justifiable murder.

In the more intelligent, ethical versions, these heroes are good men, trying to do the right thing until they run out of options and have to kill. It ends for them, not in triumph or exaltation, but in an emotional downdraft that looks much like regret or remorse.