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Lessons That Should Have Been Learned From NATO’s Destruction of Libya

BRIAN CLOUGHLEY—Thank you US-NATO, and especially thank you, President Obama and Messrs. Rasmussen, Stavridis and Daalder, and all the brave pilots who had a wonderful blitzing shindig, and all the brave button-pressers on US and UK Navy ships whose Tomahawk missiles blasted the cities.  The country you wrecked will take decades to recover from your use of what you called “limited force,” and the amount of human suffering you caused is incalculable.


US-Europe conflicts erupt in run-up to NATO summit in Brussels

ALEX LANTIER—Having grown out of World War II, NATO’s different competing factions are all preparing in various ways the ground for a new, global conflict. None of these factions have anything to offer to the working class. The question posed to workers around the world, now as at the time of the Russian Revolution of October 1917, is the struggle against wars rooted in the structure of international capitalism itself.


What privatisation in Iran? or Definitely not THAT privatisation

RAMIN MAZAHERI—It is amazing what a one-sided story is presented by leftists such as the WSWS: that cuts to social programs are “neoliberal austerity”, instead of being forced by sanctions – as if Iran is cutting programs for the same reason Hollande and Macron are in France?! It’s really shocking ignorance of, or insensitivity towards, Iran’s overall economic situation….It is as if Iran was operating freely.