In Venezuela crisis, American media and accomplices provide hybrid war support to Washington

PATRICE GREANVILLE—Since wholesale slander and defamation of leaders or entire nations in the imperial crosshairs is standard operating procedure, an evil that never fails to materialise, by now, anyone or any group intending to make serious changes anywhere on this planet without the consent of the Global Godfather in Washington, should brace themselves for a veritable cascade of lies and vitriol soon to come crashing on their heads, a campaign that will prove unrelenting.


UK admits Assad to stay ‘around for a while’ – and it’s all because of Russia again

“Regretfully, we do think he [Assad] is going to be around for a while,” British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said in a frank comment to Sky News during his three-day trip to Asia. However, he also clearly showed that the UK, which called on the Syrian president to be removed from his post on numerous occasions over the last years, is not quite ready to just put up with such reality.