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Goebbels Is Alive and Well…In Amerika! & To be a (Real) Jew

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—Another interesting fact mentioned in the Goebbels biography is that the Nazis did not need to play the ‘ God card ‘ in order to get the masses to follow. Hitler and his cronies, Goebbels included, had a deep revulsion towards any form of Christianity. They despised it because their goal was to make the Fuehrer the new ‘Christ’ , or messiah, for Germany’s resurrection as a European power once again. Christianity also was a faith (that at least formally) preached peace and forgiveness, seen as “weak” values by the militarist Nazis. This anomaly was not what we here in this Amerikan empire have ever experienced. The great and insightful American author Sinclair Lewis said it best 79 years ago with: ” When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” Sadly, we are on our way to seeing it happen here soon.


Syria – Ready To Start The Daraa Campaign

MOON OF ALABAMA—The Syrian government accused the U.S. of having attacked the building. One U.S. source claims to CNN that the Israeli air-force attacked the site. I doubt that this is true. The U.S. has previously attacked Syrian government aligned forces in the area. It obviously continues to use ISIS to disrupt Syrian army operations. But as the U.S. needs Iraq it can not admit that it hit Iraqi forces. That would practically guarantee that the incoming Iraqi government would tell it to leave. It might have asked Israel to provide a cover for the strike.