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The US Wants to Bring Back the Shah of Iran

DAVID W. PEAR—In 1978 Amnesty International reported that nothing had changed for the better in Iran. Even the mention of the word SAVAK was enough to send chills down the backs of Iranians.

The explosion of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Hostage Crisis and the animosity of the Iranian people towards the US government was the direct result and blowback from 25 years of the US coddling and sheltering its shah puppet. As Kermit Roosevelt who was the CIA station chief in Tehran in 1953 said of the Shah: “He’s our boy”. It was Roosevelt who engineered and implemented the coup that brought the Shah to power. The codename for the coup was Operation Ajax.


How Plutocratic Media Keeps Staff Aligned With Establishment Agendas

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Reporters might not always be consciously aware of all the pro-establishment guidelines they’re expected to follow in order to advance their careers, but they know how the reporters who’ve ascended to the top of the media ladder conduct themselves, and they see how the journalists who win the accolades behave. With the help of editors and peers you quickly learn where all the third rails and sacred cows are, and when to shut your mouth about the elephant in the room. And for those rare times that all these filtration devices fail to adequately filter out dissident ideas, you see the example that gets made of those few who slip between the cracks, like CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill for his defense of Palestinian human rights or Phil Donahue for his opposition to the Iraq invasion.


So much for diversity of media message in America

PATRICE GREANVILLE—The Greanville Post publishes a large number of articles dedicated to highlighting the manner in which reality is distorted for the sake of corporate and imperialist advantage (imperialism, for simplicity’s sake, merely being the global corporate system’s foreign policy). A whole section of this site—Media Front—is dedicated to archiving media—related essays. Day after day, media distortions have enormous and painful repercussions, at the personal and social level, and also at the vital ecological level, always blocking urgent remedial action while facilitating further assault in the form of increasing exploitation of human labour and nature, and the waging of endless and ever more dangerous genocidal wars. The Big Lie, energised in our time by a sophisticated apparatus of global communications in which false flags are routinely reported as truth, serves as both shield and legitimator for a criminally dysfunctional system in which decent and rational policy is all but eliminated.


From an 8% Jewish Guy

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—The question we all need to ask is how did this kind of lack of presidential, political and media leadership play in influencing (indirectly of course) the twisted minds of the two aforementioned authentic domestic terrorists? When you have weak minded individuals filled with misguided ideals, and they notice that so called leaders give ‘license by omission of outrage’, you can have horrific blowback. One of the two suspects cherished Trump and his platform; the other guy had only disdain for him and it. Yet, both men could see that what was done in Charlottesville went by with no sense of outrage to the obvious… Shit happens! Sadly.