US-Europe conflicts erupt in run-up to NATO summit in Brussels

ALEX LANTIER—Having grown out of World War II, NATO’s different competing factions are all preparing in various ways the ground for a new, global conflict. None of these factions have anything to offer to the working class. The question posed to workers around the world, now as at the time of the Russian Revolution of October 1917, is the struggle against wars rooted in the structure of international capitalism itself.


The Russia beat: CBS lays another egg; Putin inexplicably chooses notorious Atlanticist Medvedev as PM

PATRICE GREANVILLE—It does not surprise us, then, to see CBS filing a shallow and cynically misleading report on the Putin inauguration, literally soaked in the kind of deep state anti-Russia propaganda that distinguishes all US media output. The piece is delivered by Moscow’s CBS Grande Putain Elizabeth Palmers, a woman who obviously does not begin to understand the meaning of shame, nor does she seem to care about her contribution to stoking the fires of great nuclear-armed super power confrontation. Opportunism and sociopathy is of course a personality necessity for successful careers in western corporate media.


The Syrian Crisis Escalates

PAUL C ROBERTS—The inability of the Russian government to comprehend the US/Israeli/neoconservative alliance and what this means for the Middle East, together with the indecisiveness of the Russian government about supplying Syria with the S-300 air defense system, has enabled the crisis to escalate with last night’s as of yet unclaimed attack on Syrian military positions with what appears to have been “bunker buster” bombs, an escalation.