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Paul Street: Notes on Terminology

PAUL STREET—“Please stop using the phrase ‘climate change.’ I am a 78-year-old, Ph.D. physicist who has been talking about the CLIMATE CRISIS for more than 35 years. To me, the mild, innocuous sounding phrase ‘climate change’ is like experiencing fingernails scratching on a blackboard! To show how silly the phrase is, would you ever consider renaming the ‘opioid crisis’ by calling it’ ‘opioid change’ instead? It does sound kind of silly! George Monbiot was on Democracy Now at the end of August and he said it beautifully! Calling what is happening to the earth ‘climate change’ is like calling a foreign invasion ‘unexpected guests’. Go George! George likes ‘climate breakdown.’ I always use ‘climate crisis’ although the real description is ‘climate catastrophe.’ I urge you to abandon the phrase climate change and use the more descriptive phrase Climate Crisis.”


Racial wedge politics invented in colonial America

[premium_newsticker id=”154171″] GARY OLSON—Finally, some people are wont to depict Trump sympathizers as fact-resistant, bigoted rubes. I’ve never bought this, and the sweeping claim that all 62 million Trump voters are racists, incapable of thinking