Hearts and Minds

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—Davis interviewed pilot Randy Floyd, who felt so ashamed of the murder and terror he caused innocent civilians that he broke down continually during the interview. After he composed himself Floyd made this key observation: “Americans have worked extremely hard NOT to see the criminality that their officials and their policymakers have exhibited.” How intuitive for not only 1974 Amerika, but for 2016 Amerika as well. Ever wonder how many fine and decent friends and neighbors of ours still hold this “My country right or wrong” attitude? This empire is so adept at stirring up deep seated patriotic passions in many of us… to the detriment of our moral compass!


The CIA Then and Now: Old Wine in New Bottles

ED CURTIN—The corporate mass media take their orders, orders that need not be direct, but sometimes are, because these media are structured to do the bidding of the same elites that formed the CIA and own the media. And while their ostensible raison d’ȇtre is to provide intelligence to the nation’s civilian leaders, this is essentially a cover story for their real work that is propaganda, killing, and conducting coups d’états at home and abroad.


The Empire’s Propagandists

KENN ORPHAN—The ruling class of the US imperium will simply not tolerate any government that opposes its financial and geopolitical dominance, attempts socialism, or transfers its nexus to another powerful state entity, like Russia or China for instance. If one chooses to do so it is instantly targeted for assault either by crippling economic sanctions or embargoes, which make governance nearly impossible and primarily harms the general population, or covert subversion, or by direct and indirect military intervention.