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Free Julian Assange! Stand Up for Press Freedom!

DAVE LINDORFF—Since Assange seven years ago accepted an asylum offer from Ecuador and its then president Rafael Correa to avoid being extradited by to the US, jumping bail and escaping into the safety of the Ecuadorian Embassy, a shameless campaign by the US government and a complicit mainstream US and UK media to denigrate him, portray him as a sex offender, and deny that he is a journalism, has been underway.As well, during his seven years holed up in the tiny Ecuadorian Embassy, which is actually just one floor of an apartment building in a swanky part of London, the US brought intense pressure, including economic threats, against Ecuador trying to get the little Latin American nation to revoke the asylum offer granted to Assange by Correa.


Respectable Racism

YASHA LEVINE—I’ve been trying to write about the liberal xenophobia that undergirds so much of today’s elite panic about “Russia” and “the Russians.” Since Trump’s election, the usual stereotypes and tropes about Russians have morphed into an all-encompassing racist conspiracy. It’s become totally fine — and even respectable — in American liberal media circles to bombard viewers and readers with all sorts of plots that feature shadowy Russians infecting “our” society and lurking behind everything that’s going wrong in America and around the world.


Rachel Maddow’s RIDICULOUS Response To Mueller Report

So here’s Lee Camp, one of America’s most politically astute commentators (and terrific standup comedian) tearing apart the Russiagate nonsense and its countless toxic manifestations, few of which are liable to stop now that the much awaited Mueller Report has completely failed to support their wild and cynical allegations. Among other things, Lee smashes the Democrats’ pathological and utterly cynical denunciations of the Mueller report, still claiming that Trump—due to his fabricated “love for Putin and Russia”—has been terrific for Russia and its allies, instead of precisely the opposite, a fact easily demonstrable.  The hardest part is that these utterances by politicians and pundits are not so much the ramblings of loonies but of cold-blooded cynics who know damn well what they are and have been doing.