Tribute to Robert Parry: Investigative Journalist and Patriot

RICK STERLING—The story about CIA complicity with drug-dealers was especially explosive because of the impact of drugs in poor communities across the US. There was an epidemic of cheap crack cocaine flooding poor and especially African American communities.
Robert Parry originally reported the CIA-Contra-Cocaine story in the mid 1980’s. Ten years later, in 1996, investigative journalist Gary Webb uncovered what happened after the cocaine arrived in the U.S.: crack cocaine had flooded poor and African American communities, especially in California. The negative consequences were huge. The San Jose Mercury News published Gary Webb’s investigation as an explosive front page 3-day series titled “Dark Alliance”.


BOOKS THAT MATTER—The Russian Peace Threat examines Russophobia, American Exceptionalism and other urgent topics

Punto Press, a publishing house affiliated with The Greanville Post, has just published a much awaited history/memoir by Ron Ridenour, an anti-imperialist fighter, radical journalist, and author whose uncompromising trajectory spans six decades and three continents, with first-hand experiences in Cuba, Nicaragua, Europe and naturally the country of his birth, the United States. A life spent struggling for justice and peace is a life morally well lived. In The Russian Peace Threat—Pentagon on Alert, whose focus is the century-old tug of war between two deeply antithetical societies, the US and Russia, Ridenour has not only provided activists and the public at large a dependable and compelling history that is aimed at dissolving the thick layers of disinformation and ignorance still keeping the two nations apart, but a wealth of details and insights seldom found in comparable works, written by a man who does not pretend to a non-existent “objectivity” but simple, liberating truth. MUST READ for people of the real left.


Morgan Freeman Trashes His Legacy for a US Liberal Establishment in Meltdown

JOHN WIGHT—That Trump is a moral monster is, by this point, hard to argue with; his reckless disregard for international law and diplomacy is concerning to say the least. But let us not make the mistake of believing that Clinton and her ilk bring anything better to the table. On the contrary, Hillary Clinton’s record is a monument to mendacity, proof of her attachment to the virtues of the mass incarceration of young black men at home and the virtues of cruise missile diplomacy abroad.