PAUL EDWARDS—That said, all over the nation the vacuous, credulous naifs who exerted themselves in the putative cause of truth and virtue are now waiting with bated intellects for the Certain Overthrow of Trumpian Diabolism and the dawning era of Grand Regeneration of the democracy they never had. It is profoundly grim that the great mass of Americans is leash-trained to embrace creeds as hollow, cruel, and false as those of the parties. It’s the Charlie Brown Syndrome raised to the nth power in scope and cynicism.


Seven Days of Failures for the American Empire

FEDERICO PIERACCINI—The final blow in a decidedly negative week for Washington’s ambitions came in Buenos Aires during the G20, where Xi Jinping was clearly the most awaited guest, bringing in his wake investments and opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefit, as opposed to Washington’s sanctions and tariffs for its own benefit to the detriment of others. The key event of the summit was the dinner between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump that signalled Washington’s defeat in the trade war with Beijing. Donald Trump fired the first shot of the economic war, only to succumb just 12 months later with GM closing five plants and leaving 14,000 unemployed at home as Trump tweeted about his economic achievements.


EXCELLENT COMMENTS: David Pear on “Thanking Vets for their service”.

DAVID W. PEAR—I joined Special Forces which was then being expanded by JFK as the new military approach to defeating communism. JFK’s ideology of “winning the hearts and minds” through a new kind of soldier was taken from the book “The Ugly American”. The idea was that by training soldiers to know the culture, language, and customs of the people, the US could win them over to capitalism instead of communism.