Did US and Allies Commit a War Crime by Bombing Syria on April 14th?

ERIC ZUESSE—The US and its allies have routinely committed aggression, in places such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. A particular instance of it, to be discussed here, could be especially prosecutable, because the alleged ‘cause’ for the invasion could turn out to have been a provable lie, an intentional fabrication which had been concocted by the perpetrators so as to ‘justify’ their invasion. This particular instance was the US-and-allied bombing of Syria, by over a hundred missiles, on April 14th.


Cold War 2.0: The Russian Peace ‘Threat’ and America’s Addiction to War

MICHAEL WELCH—The Russian threat appears to have become inflamed in the public consciousness with the ascendancy of Vladimir Putin to the presidency. President Putin has been accused of promoting, aiding and abetting Russian and pro-Russian terrorists in the east of Ukraine. He has been blamed along with the Assad government for the “ruthless bombing” of Syrian civilian targets. He supposedly intervened in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to the benefit of Republican candidate Donald Trump. He allegedly sent operatives to poison a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter with a neurotoxin. Most maliciously, authorities invariably deflect criticism of U.S. policy by attempting to link dissenting publications with Russia. Given that the U.S. appears to be just as self-serving and law defying as Russia is accused of being, what is the reality behind the unrelenting anti-Russian propaganda campaign? That question is at the heart of this week’s installment of the Global Research News Hour.


Senior French Intel: Head of Donetsk, Zakharchenko, Was Assassinated by Ukraine Intelligence, with Support from US, UK

Even Gaddafi’s explosives’ specialists were trained and armed by former CIA operatives. They helped them to disguise booby traps as lamps, alarm clocks, vases, radios and even ashtrays. So, those who installed the bomb in Donetsk were US-trained, these smart bombs are their signature. Americans and Brits favour bombs when they want to kill somebody. Obviously, in this case, they also used a local mole who helped the group which actually set the booby trap.