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The thinking behind Russia’s recent “ultimatum” has been in the making for some time, as this 2015 article proves.

V. KOZIN—Unlike nuclear weapons, which are “tools of extreme impact,” Long-Range Hypersonic High-Precision Weapons (or Advanced Hypersonic Weapons – AHW ...
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A Mass-Murdering Regime Dares to Lecture the World on Human Rights

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM—It truly is revolting that Washington has such hubris and shamelessness. U.S. governments have systematically waged illegal wars all ...
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Exit Nord Stream 2, Enter Power of Siberia 2

PEPE ESCOBAR—Every sentient being from Atlanticist shores to Eurasian steppes by now knows the content of the Russian draft agreements ...
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How Not to Explain the Ukraine Crisis

MIKE MADDEN—NATO and U.S. officials said regular units of the Russian military crossed a few kilometers into Ukrainian territory on ...
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Putin’s ‘Military-Technical’ Measures if Negotiations Fail

GILBERT DOCTOROW—As I have said previously, Putin’s entire approach is that Russia is in an arm-wrestling match with one country ...
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The Khrushchev Coup (Death of Stalin & Khrushchev’s Rise to Power)

Khrushchev's rise to power, and the revisionism he instituted, was built on many lies and the demonisation of Stalin. His ...
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Further Proof that U.S. & UK Are One Empire, Not Two / Revisiting World War 2 History

ERIC ZUESSE—Russia had lost, to Germany’s Nazis, 13,950,000, or exactly 12.7% of its population. Another part of the Soviet Union, Belarus, ...
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(When) The U.S.-UK Deep State Tried to Grab Hong Kong (Reposted)

ERIC ZUESSE—What can explain these recent instances, proven by Agence France-Press, in which outright frauds — lies (in the form ...
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Grover Furr Lecture on anti-Stalin propaganda

Debunking media frauds and hitherto unchallenged historians. Prof. Furr debunks the myths of Stalinism because the capitalist world has cynically ...
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The Russian website GEOFOR interviews The Saker

THE SAKER—There is a certain specificity of American politics in this. Very often, American diplomats come to Moscow and say ...
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Andrei Raevsky dissects Russia’s recent strategic moves. Russia has reached the limit of her patience. Putin is fed up, and he says so.

ANDREI RAEVSKY—Putin is both very predictable and, at the same time, very unpredictable.  The predictable thing about Putin is that ...
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Andrei Martyanov: The Timing of Russia’s Ultimatum to NATO

ANDREI MARTYANOV sorts out the conflicting signals in the current exchanges between Russia and the West, as Moscow seeks to ...
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