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The End Of The American Empire Is Here

While the US Government continues to write blank checks for the war in Ukraine and bloats the Pentagon budget to ...
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This Proxy War Has No Exit Strategy

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—That’s how narrow the permissible spectrum of debate has been shrunk regarding this conflict: status quo hawkish to omnicidal ...
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What U.S. Hegemony Is, How It Started, and When

ERIC ZUESSE—After World War II ended, the U.S. regime slaughtered or assisted in slaughtering, between 1945 and 2007 (and not ...
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Human rights abuses by US, allies persistent, systematic: China FM spokesperson

Several people who served with the special force unit said that SAS squadrons were competing with each other to get ...
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UK National Security Bill 2022 Threatens Journalists with Life in Prison

The Online Safety Bill, described as an “Orwellian censorship machine” by the Open Rights Group, would grant powers to ministers ...
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Biden Meets Saudi Prince and things Definitely Don’t Go as Planned. MBS Throws U.S. War Crimes Back In Biden’s Face

US President Joe Biden visited Saudi Arabia not only to discuss oil but also to pressure Riyadh to cut ties ...
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Putin’s memorable words

PRES. PUTIN—“But here is what I would … like to make clear. They should have realised that they would lose ...
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Right before the SECOND US color revolution in 2014, Ukraine was already crawling with Nazi sympathisers

"On July 28, in the village of Hologory in Zolochiv Oblast, the remains of 16 soldiers of the Galicia (Halychyna) ...
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A Thousand Times Greater Than the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

RON UNZ—Perhaps Covid was a natural virus and perhaps it accidentally leaked out of a Wuhan lab. But there is ...
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The Nightingale’s Bloody Roost

DEBORAH ARMSTRONG—Bandera was a rabid fascist who despised Jews, communists, Gypsies, Hungarians, Poles and Russians. He wanted to reclaim lands ...
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Ukraine Today & Tomorrow – Decision Centers Targeted – The Big Picture (Video discussion)

Ray McGovern and Scott Ritter in an in-depth, detailed, and passionate discussion about Ukraine. Why Russia cannot stop, and US ...
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The Bana Alabed Twitter Account Is Deleting Pro-War Tweets In Preparation For Book Release

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—There are many, many reasons to be absolutely certain that the little Syrian girl on the cover of “Dear ...
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