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Briefing: analysis of documents related to the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine May 11, 2022

The involvement of controlled nongovernmental and biotechnological organisations, and the increase in their revenues, allows the leaders of the Democratic ...
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Synthetic Left Joins Corporate Right in Getting Ukraine War Wrong

MAX PARRY—When Ukraine was incorporated into the USSR, the nationality question was kept under control by the fact that Soviet ...
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AEARNUR—The thought-trap that western elites have got themselves into over Russia and Ukraine simply becomes more self-entangled with every day ...
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U.S. & EU Set to Spend Hundreds of Billions of Dollars on Ukraine

ERIC ZUESSE—The U.S. Government, with virtual unanimity, view the war in Ukraine to be not so much Ukraine’s war with ...
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Ukrainian leftist criticizes Western war drive with Russia: US is using Ukraine as ‘cannon fodder’

When Washington tells Zelensky he must continue the civil war in Ukraine against his own electoral promises, support NATO membership, ...
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Will the US and Germany Turn Mongolia into a Biological Warfare Testing Grounds against Russia and China?

In particular, in addition to the facts of the joint development of bioweapons by Britain and the US, which have already ...
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At its source is the power of a single idea, that in this wicked old world of ours there is ...
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How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries on front lines of war with Russia

When Russian forces entered Ukraine this February 24, encircling the Ukrainian military in the east and driving towards Kiev, President ...
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While fueling Ukraine proxy war, NATO and EU are militarizing the Balkans

Despite claims that its military occupations are intended to preserve regional stability, NATO has never demonstrated a desire to see ...
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Ukraine Snipers Killed Civilians In Mariupol Says Residents (Great Videos Series)

The life of Mariupol residents caught in the crossfire. Mariupol Resident Show How Ukraine Snipers Killed Civilians. (Video By Nadezhda ...
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Ukraine is none of America’s business!

Russia never coup-grabbed Mexico, but in February 2014, America coup-grabbed Ukraine. That was an act of war against Russia (in ...
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CIA Behind Secret Plots to Kidnap, Torture and Assassinate Ukrainian Dissidents for President Zelensky, says Ukraine Defector

In a March 19 executive order, Zelensky invoked martial law to ban 11 opposition parties. The outlawed parties consisted of the ...
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