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CONTROVERSY: The Nation defends John Brennan, Obama’s nominee for the CIA

By Joseph Kishore, wsws.org The Nation magazine is home to a particularly odious group of journalists. The “left” publication speaks ...
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NBC / Former CIA officer: Jail sentence 'a badge of honor'

NBC / Former CIA officer: Jail sentence ‘a badge of honor’

Former CIA officer: Jail sentence 'a badge of honor' The Editors Say: So Kiriakou finally saw the light, and we ...
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What to Make of Barack Obama?

SENT BY GLORIA STEVENSON The question, for us, is what are we to make of this article? Parry, a respected ...
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Europa-Evropa-Europe: Union of Multinationals or Union of Peoples?

Europa-Evropa-Europe: Union of Multinationals or Union of Peoples? (Gaither Stewart in Rome) The upsurge of Islamists in the north of ...
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The Institutionalization of Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts ["It does not] occur to conservative Republicans that it is far better to institutionalize compassion than to ...
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Militarizing Latin America

The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine by CONN HALLINAN This past December marked the 190th anniversary of the Monroe ...
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Noam Chomsky Slams America’s Selfish Ayn Randian Elites

AlterNet [1] Chomsky Talks to Al Jazeera January 14, 2013 Watch the video below. (h/t Raw Story).  [2] In an interview broadcast ...
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Blum’s Anti-Empire Report • “Just Imagine”—[January 8th, 2013]

The Anti-Empire Report January 8th, 2013 by William Blum www.killinghope.org Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? "France no longer recognizes ...
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OpEds: Chavismo in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman Chavez remains hospitalized. He's recovering from complicated cancer surgery. It's his fourth in 18 months. His scheduled ...
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Hugo Chavez: Why Does He Hate Us?

By Peter Hart, FAIR If there's one thing media want you to know about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, it's that ...
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A woman walks past a mural depicting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Caracas

The scoundrels never quit: Anti-Chavez Media War Rages

by Stephen Lendman It shouldn't surprise. It raged throughout his tenure. It continues while he's ill. It vilifies progressive Bolivarianism ...
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A history of analytical critiques of plutocracy. By Derryl Hermanutz, OpEdNews Rob Kall has asked OpEd News readers to imagine ...
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