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Koch coal mountain top removal

The Doubt Machine: Inside The Koch Brothers’ War on Climate Science

[Photo: Before and after mountain top removal for coal extraction. Devastation brought to you by the Koch Brothers. Credit: Earth ...
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Militarized Police Arrest 21 Water Protectors in DAPL Work Stoppage

——By—— Unicorn Riot  Unicorn Riot, an independent media collective, is on the ground in  North Dakota with the #WaterProtectors. Yesterday ...
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Russian tank

Ukraine-Russia War – looking for SMOKING GUN EVIDENCE of Russian weapons in Donbass!

Alexander Chopov, PhD War in Ukraine - The Unreported Truth In this edition of the Donbass Truth Channel, Alexander Chopov ...
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Russian athletes

Cold Games 2016

=By= William Stonkton In this edition of CB News, William Stonkton investigates the decision to ban most Russian athletes from ...
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Giroux and Casablancas

Government Corruption and Political Awakening

Julian Casablancas Interviews Henry A. Giroux Cultural Critic and Public Intellectual Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas interviews TGP Contributing Editor ...
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Donbass report

A First Person Report from Donbass

=By= Алексей Журавко - Oleksiy Zhuravko I was sent a notice of this video in Facebook, and from the message, ...
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