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[su_panel shadow="0px 5px 2px #eeeeee"]And remember, war is quite probably the maximum threat to the environment and all life on this planet. Even in peacetime, even without the use of nuclear weapons, the expenses and operations of the military are an enormous, unnecessary burden on people, animals and the planet's supporting ecosystems. That's why you may see articles in this section defending peace and denouncing militarism, and the culture of death and profits that makes it inevitable. The fact that the US does not have a real, effective antiwar movement is not only a shame, it is a crime against all humanity who must depend on the actions and inactions of this benighted nation's population. [/su_panel]

Nothing is absolute. Even some commercials can be amusing. Even great.

A compilation of our favorite commercials. Yes, the word "creative" really fits these ads, they almost redeem all that ultra-annoying, ...
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Torched Puppy Deserves Law in His Honor to Protect Other Animals

Sen. Angela Hill, who has been instrumental in updating animal protection legislation in Mississippi, introduced Buddy's Law (SB 2261) in ...
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Canada: Ban Live Horse Exports for Slaughter

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for a mandate banning the export of live horses overseas for slaughter. Every ...
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Fauci’s ‘Kennel of Horrors’: A Study in Animal Protection as a Conservative Cause

MATT SCULLY—A nonprofit called the White Coat Waste Project is devoted to investigating the precise uses of federal money in ...
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editors log bluePATRICE GREANVILLE
editor in chief

Dear friends and colleagues in the anti-imperialist struggle:
Due to the Empire's repeated attacks on The Greanville Post (TGP), you may possibly encounter some malfunctions in various sections. These systematic attacks began about 5 years ago, with the slanderous denunciation on the Washington Post (and later other legacy media) that TGP and other genuine anti-oligarchic sites were purveyors of "fake news" and therefore needed to be blacklisted. That lie was fabricated by the repugnantly devious Democrats and their friends in the intelligence crowd, then involved in their Russiagate scam, but, obviously, it is an "establishment thing."  
TGP (and its ilk) as a vehicle for the Big Lie was an Orwellian smear of galactic proportions, especially since the chief creator and disseminator of "fake news," the main engine behind the global machine of disinformation, has always been the US government and its servile media and political class, along with their mirror assets among Washington's vassal nations. 

The upshot of this was soon felt in the form of sabotage by all the Big Tech platforms, starting with Google and Facebook, which literally rendered our articles invisible, damaging our circulation. The censorship and harassment have since taken many other forms, including direct hacks into our servers. In July and early August alone, the "usual suspects" brought down the site for 8 consecutive days via sophisticated hacks, damaging our databases severely. This required an enormous effort to fix, and more money than we can afford, especially since TGP is not endowed with grants or big donations, nor, for that matter, does the staff have the personal resources to keep the site going under unusually stressful financial circumstances. 

In any case, as I indicated above, occasionally the site may "misbehave". The homepage might take a bit longer to load. Or a video may not play well or at all. Calling an article may give you a 404. If that happens, please be patient. The Greanville Post (TGP), like most genuinely leftist sites, operates on a ridiculous budget. It's basically voluntary labor by all. No one gets any compensation here, except for a handful of techs. This severely limits our technical and often editorial capabilities to maintain a site of this scope and unique quality.  It's now up to you to help us keep TGP alive in the rough seas of a world in turmoil facing an encroaching tyranny that excels at hypocrisy, and an ecoanimal tragedy of mind-boggling dimensions—precisely when the truth is more desperately needed than ever. 

This is a battle of communications we cannot afford to lose. 

—The Editor 
16 Aug 2022