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Countering Western Disinformation on Russia and Other Nations Opposing the American Empire



Obama loses to Putin again. 52039.jpeg

The Ukraine disorders, as seen through Russian eyes

Obama loses to Putin again Lyuba Lulko, Pravda.ru AP photo The presidents of Russia and the U.S. expressed their attitude to events in Ukraine on one and the same day. Obama said that the Ukrainians had the right to "speak ...
Costa Gavras' famous film, Z, outlined the anatomy of a rightwing coup using many agents provocateurs. Its depictions can be easily applied to the Ukraine today.

Ukraine and the Rebirth of Fascism

The Menace Across the European Continent by ERIC DRAITSER, Counterpunch Plus commentary by Stephen Lendman on the role of US media scoundrels in this ugly affair (see Appendix) The violence on the streets of Ukraine is far more than an expression ...
Many clashes are provocations staged by Western agents.

Ukraine and How the West Treats Comparable Events in Satellite and Non-Satellite Countries Differently

By Stephen Gowans, What's Left The uprising in Ukraine represents a struggle between the West and Russia to integrate Ukraine economically, and, ultimately, militarily, into their respective orbits. I take no side in the struggle. All the same, each side ...
Fomer heavyweight boxing champ Vitaly Klitschko is one of the leaders of the anti-government protesters. Many suspect he's being used.

Western Manipulated Violence in Ukraine

By Stephen Lendman Last November, protests erupted in Ukraine. Violence followed. Previous articles discussed it. Washington's dirty game was explained. Imperial lawlessness reflects it.  It has many forms. It includes trampling on fundamental rule of law principles. Toppling democratically elected ...
Hans-Dietrich Genscher: Longtime chiseler in the corridors of power.

Why Berlin is active on behalf of the Russian oligarch Khodorkovsky

By Peter Schwarz, wsws.org   The release from jail of the Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been celebrated as a great success for German foreign policy. After his release from a Russian prison just before Christmas, Khodorkovsky flew directly to ...
FDR: What did he really knew and when did he know it?

The Good War, Revisited

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor: What FDR Knew By ALEXANDER COCKBURN and JEFFREY ST. CLAIR< Counterpunch Each Pearl Harbor day offers a fresh opportunity for those who correctly believe 
that Franklin Roosevelt knew of an impending attack by the Japanese ...


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Tom Riviere December 25, 2022 - 4:51 am

If Vladimir Putin is described as a war criminal, thug, dictator, and modern-day Hitler, it is appropriate and indeed necessary to ask about American presidents. For brevity’s sake consider only those American presidents who served since 2001. U.S. invasions and interventions in western Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, and the Horn of Africa have displaced more than 37 million people since the “war on terror” began. Why shouldn’t George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden be called war criminals too? Silence in the face of their criminality gives license and approval to U.S. aggression.


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