Introducing Roland Vincent, in charge of eco-socialism, animal rights

By Roland Windsor Vincent
Editor, Eco-Socialism, The Environment, and Animal Rights

rolandVincentAs the new kid on the block here at the Greanville Post, an introduction seems appropriate.

I am an Animal Rights activist.
I was a Baptist in my youth, but I am an Atheist.
I was a libertarian in my youth, but I am a Liberal.
I am vegan.
I am a Freemason in the tradition of the Grand Orient of France.
I am an attorney, but I do not practice law.

I was a stockbroker and an investment banker, but I’m now a Socialist.
I am a political strategist.
I am an historian.
I served on President Jimmy Carter’s staff.
I lost a landmark free speech case in the US Supreme Court.
I ran California’s Proposition 13 campaign for Howard Jarvis.
I was a Los Angeles City Commissioner in Mayor Tom Bradley’s administration.
I served on Alabama Governor George Wallace’s staff.
I was a journeyman machinist while in college, and worked on the rocket engines that went to the Moon.
My family followed the Dodgers to LA from Flatbush in 1960 (my father handled the Dodgers’ insurance).
I have 7 rescued parrots, 6 rescued dogs, and one rescued cat.
I ride motorcycles, sail, fly, and shoot skeet, although not so much of late!

I invite you to visit me on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/RolandWindsorVincent)
There you will find some 500 of my essays under Notes. They address Animal Rights, religion, history, philosophy, politics, and strategies.
Quick, easy reads.
Share any you find worthwhile.

If you have personal questions or comments, you can reach me at: rolandv@greanvillepost.com

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