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Rescuing our collective memory from the self-serving lies and obfuscations disseminated in all cultural ambits by the empire's apologists.

Jacques R. Pauwels is a people's historian. In the tradition pioneered by Marx and Engels, and continued by Michael Parenti,  Howard Zinn, Eric Hobsbawm, Leo Huberman, and others of similar merit, he writes history that is not only firmly grounded in truth but is aimed at liberating the mind from the claptrap of existing ruling class mythology. Pauwels has taught European history at the University of Toronto, York University, and the University of Waterloo. His books include Big Business and Hitler, The Great Class War 1914-1918, and The Myth of the Good War. Says Prof. Gabriel Rockhill (Villanova Univ):

"Jacques Pauwels is hands down one of the most important historians writing today. His work combines profound erudition with pristine clarity. He has a unique ability to channel his expansive historical knowledge into pedagogical narratives that carefully walk the reader through extremely complex historical developments. The result is, quite simply, a series of the best books on modern and contemporary history that can—and should!—be read by both specialists and complete novices. Moreover, his commitment to the tradition of what Domenico Losurdo referred to as “counter-history” leads his readers through the looking glass, so to speak. Instead of the hackneyed stories peddled by the mainstream media and educational institutions, he delivers to his readers truly insightful, and sometimes surprising, accounts of what actually happened. His books are thus real page turners that are enthralling to read and amenable to a very large audience. I regularly teach his work and recommend it to students, professors and other interested parties. I have only heard praise of his work from those to whom I’ve recommended it."

Putin's Warning: FULL SPEECH

Putin’s Warning: FULL SPEECH

INESSA S—With the NATO missile "defense system" on Russia’s doorstep – the threat to international security is very real; not that you would know it via mainstream media. In 2002, the United States unilaterally and without consultation, withdrew from the ...
History, essential to understand causes of Russian invasion in Ukraine. Jacques Pauwels explains.

History, essential to understand causes of Russian invasion in Ukraine. Jacques Pauwels explains.

Belgian-Canadian historian Jacques Pauwels explains the importance of history and context to gain an understanding of the causes of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. He authored several seminal books on the European wars of the 20th century. "Actually the First ...
More About UK’s Dictatorship: QE-II’s Perfidy

More About UK’s Dictatorship: QE-II’s Perfidy

ERIC ZUESSE—On 15 May 2022, Kit Klarenberg headlined “Operation Surprise: leaked emails expose secret intelligence coup to install Boris Johnson”, and he presented documents that disclosed a cabal or conspiracy behind the scenes, within what turned out to have been ...
Absolute Proof that EU Leaders Are Responsible for Europe’s Soaring Fuel-Prices

Absolute Proof that EU Leaders Are Responsible for Europe’s Soaring Fuel-Prices

ERIC ZUESSE—Putin was telling the EU’s leaders that what has been forcing gas-prices in Europe up 300% since Russia’s February 24th invasion of Ukraine isn’t Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (such as they allege) but instead the U.S.-EU-UK economic sanctions against ...


ERIC ZUESSE—The latest (2021) YouGov global poll of the “Worlds’s Most Admired” individuals shows Barack Obama as being #1, and as being way ahead of #2, who is his wife, Michelle. There is no question that he has been a ...
Debunking Lies About Stalin | Unmasking Imperialism Ep. 81

Debunking Lies About Stalin | Unmasking Imperialism Ep. 81

A captivating interview about the always maligned Stalin with Prof. Grover Furr, one of the few people in the West who has dedicated much of his life to investigating the truth about this world-historical leader and has made a name ...


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