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The Armageddon Chronicles

The degeneracy of the Western ruling class, marinated in in the toxic juices of capitalism, and led by arrogant Anglo-American hubris (a curse that has spread around the globe), is driving the planet to a nuclear Armageddon. Meantime, the American people, drunk with cheap, ignorant jingoism, march like programmed zombies in proud parades…Americans, as Paul Craig Roberts has warned, "need to pay attention to the fact that 'their' government is a collection of crazed stupid fools likely to bring vaporization to the United States and all of Europe."

The symbolism of Armageddon is thus becoming uncomfortably apt to describe the latest crisis detonated by our criminal leaders. Although we have no use for any religion, especially the violent and bloodthirsty Abrahamaic bunch, we grant that occasionally some Biblical visions offer useful scenarios and even respectable courses of action. Jehova's Witnesses, a minor and controversial sect, has a peculiar interpretation of this prophesy. Armageddon, in their view, will be a decisive battle between two opposing forces: on one side, Christ Jesus together with the holy angels; in opposition, human governments and institutions (manipulated by wicked spirits) insistent on maintaining control over humanity. Unlike natural or manmade catastrophes, Christ and his angels will selectively destroy those humans deemed incorrigible. Planet Earth will be rid of greed, corruption, and all individuals and institutions who impenitently ruin the earth and impose misery on others. (Rev 16:16; 1 John 5:19; Matthew 25:31–40). By the sound of it, we might think the prophet had seen the American plutocracy and its legions of hangers-on in action. Alas, if Christ could perform this miracle, to rid the world of this malignant plague, we, too, would instantly become devout believers.

In the meantime, since the divinity for some perversely inscrutable reason, allowed these scoundrels to be in power in the first place, let this modest space serve as a rallying ground for those intent on sounding the alarm about the looming disaster.  Time for humanity to wake up.

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