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Countering Western Disinformation on Russia and Other Nations Opposing the American Empire



John Yoo, former legal adviser in George W. Bush's Justice Department.

Russia Bars Bush-Era Torture Lawyers

By Robert Parry Washington and Moscow exchanged lists imposing sanctions on each other's officials accused of human rights crimes. But America's benefit of the doubt no longer applies, as the Russians named John Yoo and David Addington, Bush-era legal advisers ...

Russkies may ban hunting—

New Proposal Would Ban Hunting in Russia RT dispatch RIA Novosti / Egor Eryomov Russia may soon ban both amateur and professional hunting, only allowing indigenous peoples in remote regions and certified rangers to hunt. MP Oleg Mikheyev of the ...

Throwing BRICS at the U.S. Empire

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford History has placed the BRICS nations on the path of confrontation with a superpower in decline. Washington is prepared to strangle the world into submission, or drown it in chaos. “Objectively, the United States ...
New BRICS Development Bank Announced

New BRICS Development Bank Announced

by Stephen Lendman In September 2006, four original BRIC nations met in New York. On May 16, 2008, Yekaterinburg, Russia hosted a full-scale diplomatic meeting. In June 2009, Brazil, Russia, India and China again met in Yekaterinburg. Early steps were ...

Khrushchev’s Revisionism

BY STEPHEN GOWANS, What's Left Khrushchev’s revisionism refers to claims by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that: •    Socialism can be brought about by peaceful, constitutional means within capitalist democracies. •    Socialist and capitalist countries can coexist peacefully. Was he right? ...

Do Publicly Owned, Planned Economies Work?

As humanity struggles to survive and transcend capitalism, this question becomes more and more pertinent. By Stephen Gowans, What's Left The Soviet Union was a concrete example of what a publicly owned, planned economy could produce: full employment, guaranteed pensions, ...
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