The “Resistance” Struggles To Justify Support For Trump’s Prosecution Of Assange

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—And indeed this is exactly what has been happening. Check out the joyous celebrations in online comments sections from when the news broke that the Trump administration has brought sealed charges upon Assange (here, here, or here for example) for a taste of where the “blue wave” zeitgeist is at right now. Their hatred for Assange has overpowered not only their hatred for Trump, but the most important ways in which they are meant to be resisting him.


The Left Will Never Thrive Without a Well-Funded Left Media Organization

TED RALL—On Sunday, October 23rd “About 1,500 women and allied men marched on the Pentagon on Sunday to demand an end to perpetual war and the funding of education, health care and other social needs instead,” reported Joe Lauria of the progressive website Consortium News. Mainstream/corporate journalistic outlets memory-holed the event with a total media blackout.


Why “Good Liberals” Won’t Save the Climate

SCOTT PARKIN—Technology and profit driven solutions were the planet-saving theme of the week. Crowds of adoring greens, many the staff of the nation’s liberal environmental non-profit complex, cheered when Brown announced that California would put its own satellite to monitor climate change into the atmosphere. Financial firms committed to fund climate action to the tune of $32 billion. Cities committed to go carbon neutral by 2045. Companies committed to rapidly shift to renewable energy.