by Patrice de Bergeracpas
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As genuine believers in democracy we have no use for the plutocratic farce that passes for democracy in the United States and many of its vassal states. We despise the capitalist media and its regime of lies 24/7, all in furtherance of its owners' fortunes and subjection of more human beings, animals and nature to the rule of an obscenely rich puny minority that has no real allegiance to any nationality and no sincere love for peace. This kind of people are clearly described in this eloquent article by Chris Hedges, which we urge you to read:

Under such circumstances, content is king and we publish whoever we identify as advancing truth, peace and democracy. That’s why, while we normally publish left authors, we also include sometimes people from the right such as Paul Craig Roberts, Fred Reed, and Tucker Carlson, and our colleague The Saker, a man of conservative background but with firm anti-war and anti-imperialist convictions. Needless to say, in this age of gathering darkness, we make every effort to publish only the most lucid minds around and to support the most vigorous and ample debate about the options confronting humanity. 

—The Editors



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