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Rescuing our collective memory from the self-serving lies and obfuscations disseminated in all cultural ambits by the empire's apologists.
Jacques R. Pauwels is a people's historian. In the tradition pioneered by Marx and Engels, and continued by Michael Parenti,  Howard Zinn, Eric Hobsbawm, Leo Huberman, and others of similar merit, he writes history that is not only firmly grounded in truth but is aimed at liberating the mind from the claptrap of existing ruling class mythology. Pauwels has taught European history at the University of Toronto, York University, and the University of Waterloo. His books include Big Business and Hitler, The Great Class War 1914-1918, and The Myth of the Good War. Says Prof. Gabriel Rockhill (Villanova Univ):

"Jacques Pauwels is hands down one of the most important historians writing today. His work combines profound erudition with pristine clarity. He has a unique ability to channel his expansive historical knowledge into pedagogical narratives that carefully walk the reader through extremely complex historical developments. The result is, quite simply, a series of the best books on modern and contemporary history that can—and should!—be read by both specialists and complete novices. Moreover, his commitment to the tradition of what Domenico Losurdo referred to as “counter-history” leads his readers through the looking glass, so to speak. Instead of the hackneyed stories peddled by the mainstream media and educational institutions, he delivers to his readers truly insightful, and sometimes surprising, accounts of what actually happened. His books are thus real page turners that are enthralling to read and amenable to a very large audience. I regularly teach his work and recommend it to students, professors and other interested parties. I have only heard praise of his work from those to whom I’ve recommended it."

May 1945: Nazi Germany Surrenders, but… on May 7, 8, or 9?

Jacques R. Pauwels In 1943, the Americans, British, and Soviets had agreed that there would be no separate negotiations with Nazi Germany with respect to its capitulation, and that the German surrender would have to be unconditional. In the early ...
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Dinner With Marx in the House of the Swan

by Jacques R. Pauwels Feb 20, 2022 at 16:43   The historic Grand’ Place of Brussels is considered to be one of the finest city squares in the world, and it attracts tens of thousands of tourists daily. Many of ...
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By Dr. Jacques Pauwels “A MESSAGE WRITTEN IN THE NIGHT SKY”: THE OBLITERATION OF DRESDEN ON FEBRUARY 13-14, 1945 By Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels, author of The Myth of the Good War: America in the Second World War, revised edition, ...
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Seventy-Seven Years Ago, U.S. and Russia Signed Historic Agreement at Yalta

IMPERIALISM IS ONLY THE DEGENERATE, MONOPOLY PHASE OF CAPITALISM Dateline: February 12, 2022 By Jeremy Kuzmarov and Jacques Pauwels Reuters reported last week that the Ukrainian military was carrying out war games with newly delivered American military hardware in preparation ...
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From Pétain to Macron, from the Resistance to the Yellow Vests…: 1944-1945, France’s Fake Purge of “The Collaborators”

By Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels A comment on a new book by historian Annie Lacroix-Riz, La Non-épuration en France de 1943 aux années 1950 (Armand Colin, Paris, 2019) In her most recent book, La Non-épuration en France de 1943 aux années ...
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World War I: The 1914 Christmas Truce

IMPERIALISM IS ONLY CAPITALISM IN ITS FINAL MONOPOLY PHASE By Dr. Jacques R. Pauwels The following is an excerpt from Jacques Pauwels’ book The Great Class War, 1914-1918 The situation in the fall 1914, after the “war of movement” has ...
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