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From Truman to Trump (Extra War, Hold the Peace)

We might also posit that America’s compulsive need to have an enemy has incurred humanity’s greatest opportunity costs: In everything from security itself, to individual and collective freedom, economic prosperity, international relations, financial stability, political effectiveness, human rights, social harmony and equality, technical and scientific cooperation, legislative progress, and many other areas or concerns that have been and remain vitalContinue reading

Haunted by the Ghosts of War

But what do poets know that the potentates, politicians, and mad generals don’t?  These killers are experts at shedding innocent blood to satisfy their blood lust and then erecting monuments to the killers.  They are necrophiliacs, while all the poets do is to remind us that we will all die and that we should affirm life and love each otherContinue reading

The Dirty Secret of the Korean War

CODA The evidence for American BW deployment during the Korean War is overwhelming. Yet, the denial machine of the security state continues today. Recently, a Woodrow Wilson Institute scholar, Milton Leitenberg, has reworked his theory that the entire Korean War BW affair was a giant communist hoax cooked up by Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Zhou Enlai to tar brush theContinue reading

The Irish Dead: Fighting Fascism in Spain, 1937

by PAULINE MURPHY Crosspost with Counterpunch THIS VERSION WITH A SPECIAL ADDENDUM: Documents and testimony by Communist Party of Ireland regarding Irish Brigadistas During the Spanish Civil War, and commemorative videos of the International Brigades ADDENDUM Addendum 2 Michael Kelly from County Galway was killed during a gun fight with a troop of Francoists and Frank Ryan, the leader ofContinue reading

Truth Has Become Un-American

I see a lack of clarity about the threat that Russia faces in Russian media reports and articles posted on Russian English language websites. I see a lack of clarity in Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s continued efforts to work out an accommodation with Washington. How can Lavrov work out an accommodation with Washington when Washington intends to dominate or isolateContinue reading