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Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen

by Patrice de Bergeracpas

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Despite the Saudis’ savage bombing campaign enabled by Washington, and a blockade also supported by the US and many NATO accomplices, the Houthis have been able to develop a game-changing offensive capability with drones and missiles designed in Iran and other members of the Axis of Resistance.

New drones and missiles displayed in July 2019 by Yemen’s Houthi-allied armed forces.

Today Saudi Arabia finally lost the war on Yemen. It has no defenses against new weapons the Houthis in Yemen acquired. These weapons threaten the Saudis economic lifelines. This today was the decisive attack:

Drones launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels attacked a massive oil and gas field deep inside Saudi Arabia’s sprawling desert on Saturday, causing what the kingdom described as a “limited fire” in the second such recent attack on its crucial energy industry.

The Saudi acknowledgement of the attack came hours after Yahia Sarie, a military spokesman for the Houthis, issued a video statement claiming the rebels launched 10 bomb-laden drones targeting the field in their “biggest-ever” operation. He threatened more attacks would be coming.

Today’s attack is a check mate move against the Saudis. Shaybah is some 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) from Houthi-controlled territory. There are many more important economic targets within that range:

The field’s distance from rebel-held territory in Yemen demonstrates the range of the Houthis’ drones. U.N. investigators say the Houthis’ new UAV-X drone, found in recent months during the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen, likely has a range of up to 1,500 kilometers (930 miles). That puts Saudi oil fields, an under-construction Emirati nuclear power plant and Dubai’s busy international airport within their range.Unlike sophisticated drones that use satellites to allow pilots to remotely fly them, analysts believe Houthi drones are likely programmed to strike a specific latitude and longitude and cannot be controlled once out of radio range. The Houthis have used drones, which can be difficult to track by radar, to attack Saudi Patriot missile batteries, as well as enemy troops.

The attack conclusively demonstrates that the most important assets of the Saudis are now under threat. This economic threat comes on top of a seven percent budget deficit the IMF predicts for Saudi Arabia. Further Saudi bombing against the Houthi will now have very significant additional cost that might even endanger the viability of the Saudi state. The Houthi have clown prince Mohammad bin Salman by the balls and can squeeze those at will.

The drones and missiles the Houthi use are copies of Iranian designs assembled in Yemen with the help of Hezbollah experts from Lebanon. Four days ago a Houthi delegation visited Iran. During the visit Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for the first time publicly admitted that the Houthi have Iran’s support:

“I declare my support for the resistance of Yemen’s believing men and women … Yemen’s people… will establish a strong government,” state TV quoted Khamenei as saying in a meeting with the visiting chief negotiator of the Houthi movement Mohammed Abdul-Salam.Khamenei, who held talks for the first time in Tehran with a senior Houthi representative, also called for “strong resistance against the Saudi-led plots to divide Yemen”, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

“A unified and coherent Yemen with sovereign integrity should be endorsed. Given Yemen’s religious and ethnic diversity, protecting Yemen’s integrity requires domestic dialogue,” he said, TV reported.

BELOW: Houthi exhibition of modern missiles and drones being used to finally respond to the Saudis’ cowardly attack. The new weapons quickly changed the equation, not to mention the Houthis heroic resilience to genocidal assault by Ryadh and its supporters in Washington, London and other complicit NATO capitals.

The visit in Tehran proved that the Houthi are no longer an unrecognized, isolated movement:

Officials from Iran, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy, as well as Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, exchanged views about political resolution of the protracted war in the Arabian Peninsula country.The meeting was held at the Iranian Foreign Ministry in Tehran on Saturday with delegations from Iran, Ansarullah and the four European countries in attendance.

The delegates at the meeting explained their respective governments’ views on the developments in Yemen, including political and battlefield developments as well as the humanitarian situation in the country.

The delegates stressed the need for an immediate end to the war and described political means as the ultimate solution to the crisis.


Meeting in Tehran

The war on Yemen that MbS started in March 2015 long proved to be unwinnable. Now it is definitely lost. Neither the U.S. nor the Europeans will come to the Saudis help. There are no technological means to reasonably protect against such attacks. Poor Yemen defeated rich Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi side will have to agree to political peace negotiations. The Yemeni demand for reparation payments will be eye watering. But the Saudis will have no alternative but to cough up whatever the Houthi demand.

The UAE was smart to pull out of Yemen during the last months. Its war aim was to gain control of the port of Aden. Its alliance with southern Yemen separatists who now control the city guarantees that.  How long they will be able to hold on to it when Khamenei rejects a division of Yemen remains to be seen.

Today’s attack has an even larger dimension than marking the end of the war on Yemen. That Iran supplied drones with 1,500 kilometer reach to its allies in Yemen means that its allies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq have access to similar means.

Israel and Turkey will have to take that into consideration. U.S. bases along the Persian Gulf and in Afghanistan must likewise watch out. Iran has not only ballistic missiles to attack those bases but also drones against which U.S. missile and air defense systems are more or less useless. Only the UAE, which bought Russian Pantsir S-1 air defense systems on German MAN truck chassis (!), has some capabilities to take those drones down. The Pentagon would probably love to buy some of these.


The Pantsir air defense platform is made by Russia.

It was the U.S. use of stealthy drones against Iran that gave it a chance to capture one and to analyze and clone it. Iran’s extensive drone program is indigenous and quite old but it benefited from technology the U.S. unintentionally provided.

All the wars the U.S. and its allies waged in the Middle East, against Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Lebanon (2006), Syria (2011), Iraq (2014) and Yemen (2015), ended up with unintentionally making Iran and its allies stronger.

There is a lesson to learn from that. But it is doubtful that the borg in Washington DC has the ability to understand it.

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There is a lesson to learn from that. But it is doubtful that the borg in Washington DC has the ability to understand it.

The outcome was a forgone conclusion. The smash, destroy, and destabilize campaign in the region could have only come from the most powerful lobby in the US. We all know who that is.

Posted by: dltravers | Aug 17 2019 20:23 utc | 1


Posted by: ben | Aug 17 2019 20:35 utc | 2

I’m afraid the only lesson the Borg in Washington will learn is to continue squandering US resources and manpower on pursuing and inflicting chaos and violence in the Middle East. Clown prince Mohammed bin Salman will not learn anything either other than to bankrupt his own nation in pursuing this war.

Israel has driven itself into its own existential hell by persecuting Palestinians over 70+ years and doing a good job of annihilating itself while denying its own destruction. If Israel can do it, the Christian crusaders dominating the govts of the Five Eyes nations supporting Israel will follow suit in propping up an unsustainable fantasy. Samson option indeed.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 17 2019 20:45 utc | 3

I am sure that the Sauds will be looking to their zionist allies to supply them with the Iron Dome system that the US military just wasted millions of tax payer dollars and purchased several days ago. The irony of that system is that is was overwhelmed several times when the Palestinian freedom fighters launched a wave of home made rockets at Occupied Palestine. I hope the Sauds learn a lesson..doubt it though.

Posted by: Tonymike | Aug 17 2019 20:46 utc | 4

The exact center of this death/destruction is well known….it is a virus which needs to be eradicated from the face of the planet…..with each passing day it becomes more evident….each day brings that day of reckoning closer….

Posted by: Michael Houston | Aug 17 2019 20:52 utc | 5

This is good news for Yemen and…for oil producing nations in need of a price rise.

Posted by: donkeytale | Aug 17 2019 20:53 utc | 6

Does anyone know or can anyone speculate how Iran managed to get drones into Yemen ?

Posted by: Ian Seed | Aug 17 2019 20:55 utc | 7

The defeat of the United States aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria has shown the Venezuelan military that it can defeat the United States. The Venezuelan militia collectives, aka, colectivos is the embryonic form of Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Posted by: El Cid | Aug 17 2019 20:55 utc | 8

Yeah… The end may finally be in sight.
And not to want to make the drones a smaller factor than they are; The diplomatic recognition by this meeting in Teheran is the game changer IMHO.
Props to MAN supplying the trucks for the Pantsir, though i wonder how they did this regarding US sanctions.
Though it is hard to predict how a political settlement in Yemen could look like. The country is still deeply diveded over ethnic, religious, tribal and ideological viewpoints. Even though the outside state actors did fuel this tension, it was there before the war, and likely will be after it.
So lets hope a modus operadi better as in Lebanon can be found. Or we will see a next phase of the conflict.PS: And to those who attacked me for pointing out that there may be truth in the allegations that Iran and Hezbollah supports the Houtis: Maybe you too can learn something from this:
The truth lies inbetween. It always does.
Even though some of those black&white worldview nuts that make witch hunts inside our Alt-Media community seem to not want the truth, but to be right in their one sided deluded narrative.
Just like those nuts on SF, who prefer to be lied at and cry for censoring when someone disturbs them in their sleep.
Well, sleep well folks..

Posted by: DontBelieveEitherPr. | Aug 17 2019 20:56 utc | 9

The houthi should keep hitting the Saudi infrastructure as hard as they can to teach the bastards in the Saudi kingdom as well the louse Trump and his cronies in the USA and the British isles.
Tit for tat and I hope that the Syrian, Hezbollah will do the same once the Israelis bomb Syrian territory.
Turkey watch out, useless SOB Erdogan.
Very nice indeed

Posted by: Robert Alaly | Aug 17 2019 20:57 utc | 10

let me throw something out there. Israel has entrenched itself in the US political and media systems. There is no logical path to eliminate or reduce that influence, and thus perhaps the plan that has been hatched is to strengthen Iran to the point that it can confront Israel.

Posted by: ebolax | Aug 17 2019 21:02 utc | 13

I anticipated just this sort of event 2+ months ago to go along with the tanker sabotaging to expand on b’s thesis about Iran having the upper hand in the current hybrid Gulf War. The timing of this new ability dovetails nicely with the recent Russian collective security proposal, with the Saudis being the footdraggers in agreeing about its viability due to its pragmatic logic. So, as I wrote 2 days ago, we now have an excellent possibility of seeing an end to this and future Persian Gulf Crises along with an idea that can potentially become the template for an entire Southwest Asian security treaty, whose only holdout would be Occupied Palestine. The Outlaw US Empire is effectively shutout of the entire process. And as I also wrote, it’s now time for the Saudis to determine where their future lies–with Eurasia or with a dying Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 17 2019 21:07 utc | 14


So the U.S. bought the Iron Dome stuff from Israel? I guess that means we paid for it twice, eh? Glad to know my tax dollars are hard at work “keeping us safe.”

Wonder what they might be planning for with that one?

Posted by: KC | Aug 17 2019 21:11 utc | 15


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