Jimmy Dore: The US is a MAFIA STATE! (A superb summation—do not miss.)

We speak to political commentator Jimmy Dore on the Mueller report’s summary showing no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he says the media has no credibility and is bought by the people they’re supposed to be investigating, says the failure of the American neoliberal system led to Donald Trump and gives his take on US regime change attempts in Venezuela.


Kamala Harris 2020: Chains You Can Believe In

TEODROSE FIKRE—The kick led to this political education: the status quo does not endorse true change agents neither do plutocrats promote people that care about us. Bush, Obama, Trump, Harris, Hannity, Van Jones, the litany of duplicitous imps who are propagated by the establishment as working class champions are too many to list. But these people did not get afforded the stage and get accorded platforms without a reason.


The US Wants to Bring Back the Shah of Iran

DAVID W. PEAR—In 1978 Amnesty International reported that nothing had changed for the better in Iran. Even the mention of the word SAVAK was enough to send chills down the backs of Iranians.

The explosion of the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Hostage Crisis and the animosity of the Iranian people towards the US government was the direct result and blowback from 25 years of the US coddling and sheltering its shah puppet. As Kermit Roosevelt who was the CIA station chief in Tehran in 1953 said of the Shah: “He’s our boy”. It was Roosevelt who engineered and implemented the coup that brought the Shah to power. The codename for the coup was Operation Ajax.


France’s “yellow vest” protests expose Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s pro-capitalist populism

ALEX LANTIER—It is clear that the main task Mélenchon sets himself in this crisis is to rescue and defend the Macron government amid a deep, potentially fatal crisis. He warns the reader of the potential “refusal of the security forces to obey orders” to crack down on the protests, adding: “Of course such fragility does not come from nowhere. That is the case now. Thousands of hours of unpaid overtime, over 100 suicides in the police, just as many in the other security agencies, tense trade union elections in a few days, everywhere the situation is explosive.”