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Can fakes fight fakes?
It’s an absurd question. An insult to intelligence. But it’s also par for the coure in American communications, for a very long time based on carefully manufactured falsehoods.

Some of you may have already noticed the “Spotlight” horizontal scroll at the top of our pages.  This space presents our audience with commentary of urgent but also lasting interest. Call it a “fluid editorial”.  It allows us to say things almost instantly, vital in our time, without having to prepare a conventional essay. The messages may change from day to day and sometimes, if necessary, from hour to hour, so keep an eye on the crawl. Let us hear about your maximum concerns and we’ll try to include them in the Spotlight. Below, read iteration #7 of the Spotlight. We think it’s rather important. In fact, damn important. So sit up and pay attention. Humanity has turned a corner this year. Business as usual is out.  Begin to incorporate that in the way you think about the world. 

I t had to come, sooner or later, under the present system. For no system deeply grounded in criminality and lies, shielded from citizens retribution and rectification by a huge machinery of disinformation, can take kindly to any form of truth-telling.

Free citizens everywhere must be on guard. Corporate power is moving to silence the Web.
The signs are clear. The establishment is not happy with the outcome of 2016 election.
The establishment media, reflecting almost unanimous ruling elite consensus, was backing Hillary.
But divisions within their own ranks and the power of social media upset the apple cart.
This was a wake-up call for them.
The artificial “national consensus” maintained by the MSM is leaking. Deflating.
There’s seepage in the form of systemic analysis threatening their legitimacy.
Truthtellers, banned by the mainstream media, are finding audiences in dissenting websites.
So there’s big consternation, anger and confusion across the corporate media.
CBS, the New York Times and their ilk are pulling their hair. Alarmed.
The near-universal brainwash is crumbling. MSM traction is weakening its grip.
What is the Ministry of Truth to do in the face of a broad rebellion?
People are beginning to leave them in droves for citizens’ journalism.
And other ways of freewheeling communication the Internet has spawned.
But it is the mainstream media’s filthy mendacity that brought us all to this juncture,
The pathetic election of 2016. With disgraceful “choices” more rotten than ever before.
Democracy for you, US style. All surface form, circus and noise but no substance.
It is clear that many big shots are fretting about their inability to control opinion 100%.
The presstitutes—while still noxious and lethal—cannot deliver the goods.
This is what worries the status quo watchdogs. And the powers that be who employ them.
Solution? Start demonizing social media. The Internet itself.
The signs are there already. PAY ATTENTION.
Prepare yourselves for some kind of government offensive against Free Speech.
Clamping down on sites not mirroring “approved political speech.”
As usual, it will come from both parties, from the Duopoly whores.
The Democrats in their infinite treachery are apparently leading the charge.
But their brethren in chicanery and criminality, the GOP mafia, will soon join them.
It’s once again a ruling class project. Protecting the interests of the “1%”.
But they can’t say that. So they are using a different angle.
The main excuse will be to “protect” the public, our delicate minds, from “FAKE NEWS”.
O yea, FAKE NEWS, lies, the public mind needs protection from lies!
Lies irresponsibly disseminated by “non professional” media. So they say.
Lies spread by “unidentified sources”. Lies people believe.
Lies that people believe without checking first with CBS or The New York Times.
The supposedly “serious” press. Dig that.
Can you believe the sheer audacity of this crowd? The galactic size cynicism.
As if the mainstream media were not the main purveyors of lies.
As if the mainstream media were not the PROFESSIONAL dispensers of lies.
As if the corporate media were not the actual Ministry of Truth.
In the service of the 0.00001% and their awful agenda.
Endless wars. Ecological destruction on a global scale behind pious posturing.
Deeper economic insecurity for more billions across the planet.
And the very high probability of a nuclear war.
Yes, the “unthinkable” for so many people, made real by the mad logic of the system.
Inch by inch sold to the people by this very same “serious press.”
Read and watch the videos we present this morning about this sinister development.
CBS and the “respectable” print icons are already discussing it.
CBS calls it “The battle to stop the spread of fake news online.”
See our coverage of this disgusting topic.
In other words “news” not approved by the Ministry of Truth and its minions.
The Internet has long been a place in which ALL sorts of wild stories circulate.
Yet, overall, it has also been, increasingly, the only place we can find truth.
People have gotten accustomed to this, and they have begun to sharpen their minds.
Learn to sift the true from the false. It’s an imperfect process given the prevailing lies.
The mass of lies planted for eons by the guardians of the capitalist order.
Now, obviously, they are seeing that they may have created a dangerous source of truth.
Hence the rising noise about FAKE NEWS in need of controlling. Need of “oversight”
The CIA/Pentagon have long seen the manipulation of truth as part of their arsenal.
It’s in their lingo, the “weaponization of information.” 
They have been doing it for eons. They practically invented it.
Massive distortion of truth is essential to their color revolutions.
Part of “hybrid war”. The most underhanded form of combat.

Essential to their drumbeat for war and global hegemony under various pretexts.
Some people are seeing through it, hence the need to muffle them.
What to do? The path seems clearer by the day.
Above all, the Democratic party—the graveyard of progressivism— must be destroyed.
They are not our allies but their enemies. Traitors. The GOP is beyond the pale.
A foul entity that should have vanished years ago but resuscitated by the Democrats.
It was the Democratic party betrayals that brought us to this sorry pass.
Obama’s successful demagogy and symbolism fooled far too many.
Efforts by the Clinton mafia to capitalize on people’s disgust with Trump must be checked.
Disgust with Trump must energize extra-electoral forms of resistance and protest.
It must energize a genuine people’s & ecology party.
Time for a new party, a new movement of the people.
Time to bury the Duopoly, an undemocratic malignancy.
Either we clean house in this country, for real, or it’s curtains for us all.
And the generous planet that gave us life.
The lies of media & political bloviators will never change that fact.
Time to do the hard job: build real democracy in America.
Circulate our new motto: #NMFD


P. Greanville is TGP’s editor in chief.

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7 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT: New Crawl Commentary a Feature to Watch

  1. Thanks for posting this. Struck me funny when I saw it. Now we are to trust the DISINFORMERS themselves to tell us what is true or not?

    Is that a laugh or what!?

    How stupid they think we are? Stupid enough I guess.

  2. Excellent idea (the Spotlight) – and topically, to sound the alarm about the plots of the ministry of truth.

    I wonder if there are some statistics (not fake a’ la Clinton polling 99% of the electorate), on people who no longer read or watch corporate media (and I include “Democracy Now,” Chomsky and associates). I also have had the perception for some time that more people get the news from alternative sources. I speculate that a peripheral but important contributor to the phenomenon is the availability of iPads and similar. They enable the user to watch the news while doing something else, eating (prosaic but necessary), or even exercizing on the cyclette, etc.
    Interesting times and interesting it will be to watch what perversions will the cabal invent to fight back. Well done!

    1. I’m trying to collate some reliable stats on the phenomenon, which has many possible streams. What is NOT in doubt is that it is currently not easy to control by the powers that be, can discombobulate many of their efforts to spread lies without opposition, and they’re moving to correct that gap in the ideological wall.
      Thank you for your comment, Jimmie, always lucid and spot on.

  3. We must not be simplistic about the situation. Longstanding publications have reputations to uphold and are generally better at vetting sources than most: it’s their job. Their sins are of omission and of cherry picking their facts in order to present a biased narrative. They seldom publish deliberate lies, and instead just accurately report the lies of politicians.

    Fake news has many more facets than most people realize. The 9/11 movement has been under siege since 2002. Fake news successfully discredited the movement, and so it is no trivial matter. See this article:

    Disinformation Killed 9/11 “Truth”

    Disinformation is job one when it comes to covering up state crimes. They don’t win on the merits, they win on discrediting the people who would call them out on it. Once you pass on a single falsehood you are discredited and ridiculed.

    We should learn from Paul Thompson’s Complete 9/11 Timeleine. He compiled, analyzed, and summarized EVERY news story related to the September 11th attacks, even tangentially. Some stories contradict one another. All we can do is corroborate claims from multiple sources and see what the PREPONDERANCE of evidence suggests. That’s real journalism, and preponderance of evidence is a LEGAL STANDARD in civil cases.

    1. What bothers me about conspiracy theories — the Deep State, or the Illuminati, or the Bilderbergers, or whatever — is not a question of whether they are factually correct, but the question of what we should do about them, what attitude we should take about them. As I see it, the problem is not just about a bunch of bad individuals, but about the culture that goes with them. If you could somehow lock up the entire Illuminati, but you did not manage to change the culture that generated them, then it would quickly generate a new batch of Illuminati.

      And they do not have a culture separate from ours. They do not have their own poets, their own musicians, their own cinematographers. I’m talking about OUR culture. It’s part of our everyday way of life.

      Here’s how I usually try to explain it: You keep your stuff in your house, I keep my stuff in my house, I don’t have to care about you, and I can’t afford to care about you, because our economic system forces me to compete against you. If I care about you, it’s only by swimming upstream against a strong current. And that’s the culture that generates the Illuminati. But we’ve been immersed in the culture of separateness for 10,000 years, so it’s hard for most of us to imagine a different culture; “I wonder if you can,” John Lennon sang. And Fredric Jameson said most people can imagine the end of the world more easily than the end of capitalism. I guess that’s because we don’t have to do anything for the world to end.

      Most discussions of the Deep State don’t mention any of that. They simply say “here are some bad people who control your life.”

      Eric Schechter

  4. My take:

    RE: The sudden obsession with “Fake News”:

    The “Powers That Be” anointed Clinton as their mouthpiece for the next 4 years, and The Ministry of Truth was told to declare the outcome over and over, through the primaries and the general election. Imagine their surprise that Trump won anyway.

    So, suddenly there is an attack on “Fake News” as causal. This is not being done by the Trump administration outright, but the players behind the scene who have long used “weaponization of information” as a tool.

    In fact, Trump who claimed to want to “drain the swamp” of insiders and career politicos has already been reined in by them; the former Democrat is filling his cabinet with ultra-conservative dividers, well versed in the ways of serving only the 1%’s interests and crushing dissent.

    The MSM transcribers are working at finding a way to get people used to the idea that they must censor information that comes from independent journalists, opinion that comes from free-thinking people, and as has already happened all over the Globe, the ability to crush communication of people who dissent in any way against their rule. They have their orders. They have their own fake news to produce, with their own dark agenda.

    There is a disinformation problem in this country – we saw it when they tried to brand Stein as an anti-vaxxer, which she vehemently is not, was not, and never has been. There is a disinformation problem when they did not report on the thousands of Sander’s supporters at every rally, only falsified Clinton’s numbers as larger than they were.

    There is a problem with every reporter reading the daily handouts word for word, given them by Murdoch Media and the 1% crowd. Fake News? They said “WMD’s, Saddam Hussein and 911” over and over, and we were told to believe them. They would not, and still will not allow images of our own dead coming home, let alone the devastation our attacks have on autonomous people elsewhere. They learned from Vietnam, that if we SAW it, we would CARE.

    The News is already Fake. Slanted. Filtered. Censored.

    FB itself has been falsifying algorithms for ages now, pumping up fluff, sinking real reporting. It now has agreed to censor more, from any site the MSM (read 1%) does not want seen.

    Now, have I been duped? Yes. Do I think that “mirror sites” that use MSM names and make fake headlines should be closed? Yes. It is infringement. As bad as CNN is, if you click to “CNN” (or any other broadcast media) you should actually go to their site. I am sick of false celebrity death stories, and interviews that never took place on mirror sites pretending to be something they are not.

    I may find Natural News repugnant disinformation, and Infowars as babbling idiocy… but they have their own name, their own URL and a right to publish. As much as I appreciate Zero Hedge and RT for ferreting out information, I know they also have their own slant.

    What happened to letting us discern what is verifiable for ourselves, letting us use our own “bullshit filters” for lack of a better term, when reading any author? What happened to Freedom of Speech, and questioning minds?

    That was rhetorical, of course. We all know the answer. An informed populace would never allow their own abuse and degradation for the profits of the few. Would never allow the poisoning of our water and air. Would never allow children to be blown apart in our names, for the misfortune of being born where the rich want to extract more oil.

    They know we no longer believe the media, from the left or the right. They know that we are beginning to believe one another more than them. So they must shut down any and all reporting that does not follow their message, and is transcribed exactly how they are told to.

    The TRUTH is out there, and we are far too close to finding it.

    We are not children, and we need not their “protection.”

    We will not be muzzled.

    This is DANGEROUS ground.

  5. The basic point about the attack on the internet is valid, but the point about Trump and the 1% is cliche. I read it over and over and over again on every “progressive” site, including those with ties to the Dem Party and the Soros machinery. Tiresome, boring, lacking in any originality.

    The point of the Trump presidency, for a Leftist, is to get along” with Russia and avert WWIII. Also to shift the US “relationship” with China from a military confrontation to an economic competition/cooperation. For a Leftist the most salient feature of the US is its imperial nature.

    Bringing down the Trump presidency at this point will destroy those goals and bring us right back to Obama/Bush/Clinton times.

    Hence the destruction of the Trump presidency is the goal of the neocons. They are being joined in this by the pwogwessives (as distinguished from the genuine Left) who are engaged in an infantile and unwitting sort of politics. If this de facto alliance succeeds, it will bring tragedy to the world.

    John V. Walsh

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