Credulous Atheist Believes Evidence-Free Establishment Russia Narrative

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Establishment-fueled Russia hysteria is a religion. It is an entirely faith-based belief system which has toxic effects on the people who subscribe to it, and toxic effects on the world as it manufactures support for insane escalations between two nuclear superpowers. As we discussed yesterday, if you don’t have a functioning radar for detecting malignant narratives, you might get lucky and find yourself in opposition to some pernicious belief systems, yet also find yourself selling CIA narratives to your very large online audience as well.


What happens when the Yellow Vests meet European Debt Crisis II?

RAMIN MAZAHERI—To say that I am wrong about why the European Debt Crisis will not start soon – given the withdrawal of high finance-pampering – is to say that capitalism is not “capitalism” but that it is a centrally-planned, regulated, protective, riches-limiting socialism instead; is to say that high-finance has found morality and wants to make money honestly; is to say that international neoliberal capitalists have rediscovered fraternal patriotism.