Goebbels Is Alive and Well…In Amerika! & To be a (Real) Jew

PHILIP A. FARRUGGIO—Another interesting fact mentioned in the Goebbels biography is that the Nazis did not need to play the ‘ God card ‘ in order to get the masses to follow. Hitler and his cronies, Goebbels included, had a deep revulsion towards any form of Christianity. They despised it because their goal was to make the Fuehrer the new ‘Christ’ , or messiah, for Germany’s resurrection as a European power once again. Christianity also was a faith (that at least formally) preached peace and forgiveness, seen as “weak” values by the militarist Nazis. This anomaly was not what we here in this Amerikan empire have ever experienced. The great and insightful American author Sinclair Lewis said it best 79 years ago with: ” When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” Sadly, we are on our way to seeing it happen here soon.


FBI arrests Marzieh – who of us at PressTV is next?

RAMIN MAZAHERI—The US wants to show Iran it can act with impunity. News flash: Iranians already knew that! But Washington keeps willfully ignoring Iran’s collective response: Iran will not stop, no matter how many of our commercial airliners are shot down, how many foreign groups are encouraged to wage terrorism inside Iran, no matter how inhuman the economic siege, no matter how many journalists are arrested, etc.


US Invested Heavily In Hitler, Compensated Europe’s Jews With Arab Land — Part One (Revisited)

JAY JANSON—At the end of the war, when ghastly, spine-chilling photos of the internment and murder of Jews in concentration camps were revealed, the public was shocked into some self-awareness. The most violent persecution, brutal arrests and internment had been done openly in a world basically owned and run by the “democratically’ elected legislatures of white industrialized nations, nations that had earlier used their edge in arms manufacture to conquer, colonize and exploit the whole non white population of the world.

When the difficult to behold newsreels and newspaper photos of the indescribably inhuman conditions inside the camps and of the cremation ovens, shame, guilt and agonized sympathy finally replaced a good deal of the long standing, pervasive, fierce antipathy and prejudice toward Jews.