Ricardo Hausmann’s “Morning After” for Venezuela: The Neoliberal Brain Behind Juan Guaido’s Economic Agenda

ANYA PARAMPPIL—During the Chávez era, the Hausmann family was not content to sit on the sidelines and watch him build a “21st-century socialism.” Joanna’s mother, Ana Julia Jatar, assumed a position as executive director of Súmate, a U.S.-backed “civil society group” formed by right-wing darling María Corina Machado in order to “build democracy” in Venezuela.In 2003, Súmate received $53,400 from the National Endowment for Democracy “to work on referendum and general electoral activities,” according to a U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.The initiative represented Jatar and Machado’s attempt to remove Chávez from power through popular recall. Yet the public rejected the referendum by a whopping 59 percent margin, in results certified by the Carter Center and Organization of American States.


Bezos v. Trump: 3 Major Divisions in the US Ruling Class

CALEB MAUPIN—The Wahabbi networks of the Saudis have long been a source of revenue for Pentagon military contractors, and vehicle for waging proxy wars. Zbigniew Brzezinski arranged for the USA to support a young Saudi named Osama Bin Laden, who was the wealthy heir of a construction firm. Bin Laden purchased huge amounts of weapons from the United States, and with CIA assistance, built a Wahabbi army in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union and topple the People’s Democratic Republic. 


FINIAN CUNNINGHAM: Trump’s Demagoguery Goes Off the Rails

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM—For Trump to then proclaim he is spearheading freedom and liberty for the entire Western hemisphere is a foreboding sign that his megalomania is spectacularly out of control.The prospects of the US military fighting a war in Venezuela, let alone Cuba and Nicaragua as well, are in the realms of impossible fantasy. But with this Commander-in-Chief the fantasy is being entertained.Trump in his Miami speech delivered a mafia-like ultimatum to the Venezuelan military. Either it supports the US-anointed minor opposition figure Juan Guaido who declared himself “acting president” of Venezuela almost a month ago, or the armed forces face obliteration, said Trump.