The Real Russian Interference in US Politics

DIANA JOHNSTONE—Russian interference in American politics is totally welcome so long as it helps turn public opinion against “multipolar” Putin, glorifies American democracy, serves U.S. interests, including the military industries, helps break down national borders (except those of the United States and Israel) and puts money in appropriate pockets in the halls of Congress.


Why the US ruling class mourns John McCain

PATRICK MARTIN—McCain was a full-throated supporter of whatever lie the Bush administration chose as the basis of its war propaganda: Saddam Hussein’s alleged ties to terrorism; his possession of “weapons of mass destruction”; the desire to establish “democracy” in Iraq; and finally, the need to preserve “stability,” i.e., to deal with the consequences of the US destruction of Iraq as a functioning society. Along the way, McCain found time to advocate military action against North Korea in 2003, US intervention in Iran in 2007, and US support for Georgia in the war between Russia and that Caucasian republic in 2008 (when he dispatched his wife Cindy to Tbilisi in a show of support).


McCain Goes To Hell: Finally Dead, Assad Curse Strikes Again

JOAQUIN FLORES—Elected for the first time to the House in 1982, he went to the Senate four years later and managed to re-elect himself at every opportunity ever since.

In Congress, McCain was a pro-business conservative, free-market advocate and enemy of organized labor, but voted against the Republican majority on several key projects. After engaging in a scandal that became known as “Keating Five,” he made the reform of election campaign funding one of his flags.