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Teaching & Discussing the Road to Socialism

The Khrushchev Coup (Death of Stalin & Khrushchev’s Rise to Power)

Khrushchev's rise to power, and the revisionism he instituted, was built on many lies and the demonisation of Stalin. His ...
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Guide to Marxist Economics – Ep 2. Slavery (birth of the state & cities, fall of Rome etc.)

Each episode of the series will discuss one important topic of Marxist political economy. This video discusses the first class ...
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Social-Democracy doesn’t fix capitalism, it just perpetuates it, notes The Finnish Bolshevik

The Finnish Bolshevik explains how social democracy (SD) actually works in what is supposed to be its best showcases. SD ...
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A liberal’s “defense” of socialism (David Pakman response)

David Pakman is a liberal who claims that Marxism-Leninism is a failure and has nothing in common with socialism, while ...
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Let’s talk fundamentals: Why the EU is an imperialist capitalist entity, and the need for democratic centralism

There's still a lot of confusion (much of it abetted by the capitalist world itself) about the true nature of ...
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Khrushchev’s Dishonest Attack on the “Stalin Cult” (Role of Leaders in History)

J V STALIN—"The times have passed when leaders were regarded as the only makers of history, while the workers and ...
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